Finding Prosperity That Aligns with Your Feminine Soul

How often have you thought: I’d love to, but I can’t afford it?

I hear it as the number one reason that keeps women from working with me privately, or attending our recent retreat, for example. Such a bummer to hear this!

It’s the MONEY. Not enough.

And that’s not unique. Many people report having money woes and stress–often chronic ones. We even take that for granted sometimes. But we don’t have to.

My passion and path has been about ways to access your feminine wisdom and soul power, connecting with your guidance, so that you live a fuller, richer, aligned life. In touch with your deeper purpose for being here.

I’ve steered clear of the money issue. Not my area. And yet as a manifestor of Big Things (houses, hotel, book), I obviously something I know a thing or two.

And since leading the Revitalize and Rejuvenate retreat here at the Balch Hotel 2 weeks ago, I’m over it on the money thing. We’re holding ourselves back. (Yes me too.)

I see how much it blocks us from doing what we desire, and from doing what we are here to do and be. That’s just not okay anymore!

We are living on a planet filled with abundance. Look at the blooms on the flowers and leaves on the trees, are the stressing out about not-enough?

No, the universe is a rich and abundant place, and we humans are out of the flow of the abundance that is our divine gift.  (And yes, we’re mismanaging it like crazy, but look who steering the ship? Anyone?)

And I’m ready to change that.

I’ve discovered through years of manifestation practice (and success) is there are fundamental perspectives that are necessary. Shifts in habits to be made. Beliefs we carry that need to be altered. Often deeply unconscious ones.

And we can’t ferret out our unconscious stuff alone. (And besides it’s no fun.)

So Helen McConnell  (my retreat co-leader and entrepreneur extraordinaire) and I created a short on-line class , to address this common yet elusive challenge area.

And we want to extend the invitation to you.

We know that money is a great place to get stuck. It reflects and magnifies all sorts of beliefs and limitations we have about ourselves, many of them inherited from family and culture.

In this on-line class we’re asking:

How to allow the divine flow of our Feminine Soul, so we shift into receiving the abundance of the universe?

YES! 4-27 1



4-27 2Many women are so open and connected to the Divine Feminine in many areas of life, but still feel lacking in the money dimension.

Perhaps there’s abundance, but it’s feast or famine, which creates stress and anxiety.

Or the money’s there, but it’s the debt and lack of financial reserves that keep you up at night.

Where’s the Divine Feminine in all of that?

In the class, we’ll look at money and what it is in a whole new way. You’ll discover your inner set points and hidden ideas about money, so you can increase your financial prosperity.

In a way that integrates your Feminine Soul wisdom and values.

It’s not about “selling out” to get rich. That’s old paradigm. This is about connecting to a deeper, richer source of your abundance so the Good of the Universe can come your way, like it does with many others. (And without abusing the planet.)

Are you ready to connect with your Feminine Magic, make more money, have a greater impact, AND be happy, too?  Then this course is for you!

During this 4-week virtual class you will:

  • Discover how Feminine Soul & money are interconnected so that making money becomes a spiritual practice.
  • Learn tools/practices to clear your emotional & mental blocks about $$.
  • Resolve money fears and access greater abundance.
  • Increase your financial prosperity in a way that aligns with your Feminine Soul.
  • Overcome what’s keeping you from creating the nest egg you crave.

Check out the details here. The 4 week virtual class starts May 2.

You do it all from your phone or computer. Easy-peasy and fun!

We’ve made it super affordable so you can easily say YES.

And until April 29 we have an “Early Bird” special for you. So check it out and sign up quickly before that expires.

If the link is broken, see more at:

Together, let’s activate prosperity from your divine feminine soul,

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PS: Maybe you’re a guy and wondering if this class isn’t for you–it IS!! We’re happy to have men join us. It’s a gender neutral zone 😉