Seems like I’ve been emailing to you lots lately.  Hopefully you’ve signed up for (and are coming to) the free 3 part teleseries Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul – 3 Keys from The Magdalene Path that started last week. (If you haven’t, scroll down. Its not too late and you can get the recordings)

The response to the release of the book, The Magdalene Path, and the teleseminar series, has been amazing. I don’t mean to sound surprised –it’s very gratifying to work so long and hard on something and see it well received.

Sometimes we work very, very hard on something that doesn’t turn out that great, or the world just says “meh.”

How do you keep your energy up, your inspiration on, when projects, goals or intentions go differently than you expect?

It happens to all of us, sometimes. It seems as if outside forces almost conspire against us…or are they? It’s all in perfection, Heaven On Planet Earth, it’s just not always our ego’s vision of perfection.

This process of writing and bringing forth The Magdalene Path to the world has been a huge series of lessons. I won’t get into all of them here, but one thing I know for sure is that when you put a stake in the ground for something, once you get clear on it, you get a lot of practice at it.

ClairePlayWriting about the awakening of the Divine Feminine, I got to see all the places I wasn’t Divine and I certainly wasn’t Feminine. All the ways my masculine side wanted to push, force, control and organize. Over and over. Until finally, surrender. But not without some inner re-orienting. (Divine Timing: says who?!)

I got to meet parts of me that were not very willing to just “go with the flow” and “trust” and yet, when I did, miracles occurred. The perfect person, solution or situation would appear, sometimes magically.

We are all so enculturated, women and men, to drive, push and control with the organizing and logic of the masculine mind. And while it is a good tool set, its only half the toolbox.

And it’s exhausting us by pushing us into masculine overdrive. We are not built for this, long term. This of hyper-masculine energy is killing us with epidemic numbers of stress-related acute and chronic illnesses (85%) adrenal burnout, insomnia, low sex drive, compassion fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety, depression….Need I say more?

We are finding a new way that balances us out, our Masculine style Doing with our Feminine Being.

This is not about being against men, the masculine, or feminism, at all. I honor all of those as pieces of the puzzle. Important steps in development. Now its time to learn a new way. One that integrates the fierce, fabulous feminine force. Whatever she looks like in you, as you.

By awakening Feminine Soul we access our Divine birthright as aspects of God, in female form.Which means doing it a whole different way. One we are just rediscovering.

And what does Feminine mean, anyway? What shifts you from your strong masculine into your Feminine Soul?

Please comment below, I love to hear your thoughts/feelings.