I’m dancing a big edge right now. Last time I wrote about the process we all go through: moving through breakthroughs, and how to be present to enjoy them: Footsteps on the Path of Joy (if you missed it, click here)

I’m so hyper-focused on developing the release of the book and some really deep/delicious launch activities for you that I’m moving fast. I see this with clients (and friends) all the time. We are so busy doing our purpose that we miss our present now.

Chalice_Well_CoverSmlAnd yet, planning,organization and logistics needs to happen. Not just creating organically “in the moment” like the Feminine Soul, when the mood strikes.

SO how do we balance the masculine qualities of logic, reason and structure, with Feminine flow, intuition and creative presence? That is the Dance of the Divine Union. Balancing opposites.

As we move into our Feminine Soul, it doesn’t mean we abandon masculine structures and supports and go all airy-fairy. We use them. But we don’t get used by them. (Which is what the dominant culture does now, right?)

Yesterday, after a brief pressure meltdown, I realized I was overwhelmed and ungrounded. So I sensed into what I really needed: centering and connection. I started with basic stuff: air, food and water that would nourish and ground me (avoiding the chocolate and caffeine I nearly lunged for).

Then I got myself back in my body, by getting outdoors. It was a warm golden autumn afternoon, so I brought my laptop to work outside, under my willow tree. (Yes, that’s me!) I even puttered in the garden for a few minutes, preparing a bed for fall planting.

ClaireBliss3The air and light were rejuvenating. I felt so much better!

What are your clues that you are off-track and how do you realign yourself?

By attending to your Feminine Soul, balancing inner being with outer doing, you can reconnect. You’ll think clearly and creatively again . The key is not to force yourself into one mode or the other all the time. Both feminine and masculine are necessary and needed.

We are bringing back Feminine Soul so that we can embody the Divine Feminine being we really are. So we can bring our unique gifts, talents and blessing into the world. She can live through us, as us, but not overtake us.

Do you ever get so engrossed in some project or task that you lose sight of yourself or your deeper goals or intentions?

How do you reclaim and embody your Divine Feminine self when things get out of whack?

Post your comments here on the blog.

Until then, golden blessings of Autumn upon you….


P.S. If you want to know more about the book, The Magdalene Path , I’ve made a free chapter available for you. If you haven’t already, download the free preview. Herstory is all about Mary Magdalene’s life, told from her perspective, which I received from her in a Divine Download. So far the feedback has been Incredibly positive! (Yay!) Let me know what you think!

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