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Awaken Your Feminine Soul Power at Work, Love & Life

You know you’re here for a reason. And at some moments that seems remarkable lucid, palpable and clear. Yet you’re still struggling to bring some aspect of your life and work into focus and clarity. 

You’re spending time doing work that isn’t totally in sync with your highest vision….As a multi-passionate, spiritual woman, that’s no surprise.

You yearn to live in alignment with your purpose, and express that in the world potently, so it can do the most good and everyone benefits.

So many women  are craving experiences of connection, creativity, and spirit. With themselves, other women and the natural world we’re part of.

You’re connected with the Divine Feminine… but are you living  from  this  place?

You have a power inside you that—because of the cultural messages we’ve received—is largely ignored and untapped.

As women, we learned that to be successful, accepted and safe, we had to adopt a very masculine way of being. And that’s worked. But it’s exhausting and disconnecting, too.

And it’s making us sick.  You might be experiencing chronic fatigue, depression,  insomnia, anxiety, adrenal exhaustion, lack of sexual desire, migraines.… the list goes on.

The ways you’ve been taught have been effective at getting you ahead, but now you’re seeing the cost to your life, relationships, work, health…

What if there is a better way?

Get off the hamster wheel of your life. Use the talents and skills you’ve developed, but infuse them with the latent, natural abilities you have as a feminine creator.

Shift from Masculine Mode: power and strength, focus and organization, to the Feminine:  magic, presence, flow, art, beauty, creativity, intuition….

Imagine living the art and magic of Feminine Soul at work/home/play…

When you tap your Feminine Soul magic, you’ll have more energy,feel less frazzled, and be able navigate the demands of your life with ease and grace.

And magnetize people, situations and things that are in true alignment with the life you really want to be living.Work and life become joyful, again.

I can show you how.

The Magdalene Path was created with you in mind…

The Magdalene Path is a journey of embodied connection to your soul. It’s a path  to creating a divine life, Heaven on Planet Earth, here/now.

Connect with your source of spiritual guidance, directly–whether you call that God, Goddess or any other of a hundred names for the Divine. Explore practices that enable direct access to the  Truth that lives in you.

Activate to your core beauty and brilliance as a feminine being. Connect more deeply to your Divine Guidance. Open up and embody your creative/artistic expression, organic flow, expansive vitality, sensuality, intuition….

With this connection of Feminine Soul in your body, heart and mind you become a free being, a sovereign spirit: ready, willing and able to answer the calling you came here to live out. Your radiance and beauty emerges from your authentic soul shining forth.

Live the calling in your soul to be more congruent, expressed, and alive in ALL aspects of your life.  Make sense of all those interests and passions you have and weave them into a career and life you love.

Shine your unique radiance and express your gifts. Awaken your native genius as a feminine leader with innate feminine traits.

Activate your juicy feminine power in a way that fills you and overflows out into the world, and then back to you again. (A delicious cycle of reciprocity that in our busyness we often miss out on.)

Experience yourself in ways you never have before. (Exciting?!)

Be who you really came here to be.

It’s a highly unique, customized journey, inspired by the hidden mystery and archetypal power of Mary Magdalene – someone who’s so much more than we were told she was. (Whether you’re Christian or not, she’s relevant.)

Magdalene is an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine missing in most world religions. Through her we regain a missing wholeness that we never knew we lost. Magdalene is the calling of women to spiritual sovereignty and wholeness. She’s a portal to your creativity, vitality, aliveness and more.

Nourish Your Feminine Radiance – Feel Sensuous, Juicy, and Alive, Again.

Magdalene Path Program:
Awaken Your Feminine Soul Power in Work, Love & Life

This is a 6-module Deep Dive Immersion.

Because you are not like everyone else,  I couldn’t develop a program that would fit you, without knowing you and talking with you first. But I’ve developed a signature system, based on my 22+ years in the transformation/therapy world.

Here are the steps on your path:

Session modules:

1. Access the Wisdom of your Divine Guidance so You Feel More Clear & Confident

Get off the hard driving hamster wheel of doing and making things happen.  Discover ways to make choices that flow from a deeper source of wisdom. Stop overthinking and feel clear in your choices. Enjoy a release of attachment and new relationship to outcome and results. You’ll notice less worry, fear and self-criticism about how things will turn out.  You can:

  • Make a connection to your spiritual guidance to steer your life (even at work.)
  • Access creative decision-making tools that flow from your deeper wisdom, making it easy to feel more confident and courageous about your  next steps.
  • Release the heavy burden of feeling like you have to do it all yourself.
  • Relax into a greater sense of knowing that you are guided and cared for.

2. Embody Your Authentic Feminine Essence & Rediscover Your Holy Desire

Reconnect with the essence and energy of you as feminine—a vastly under-actualized aspect of your being. Discover what you’re really longing to be, express, create and do. Relax and release all the unconscious programming society has taught about being visible, having what you desire, being sensual, and pleasure as bad. As you get in right relationship with Feminine Wisdom, your passions become guideposts. You’ll naturally magnetize what you really desire, from your soul’s perspective. Start to shift to bliss and….

  • Activate your own Radiance and Unique Beauty so you feel more alive and in your body (look and feel younger, too)
  • Awaken to more pleasure in your daily life as a Feminine being connected to the  natural world.
  • Stop hiding out and playing small.
  • Ignite a sense of sensual renewal through safe and sacred ways to feel good in and about your body.

3. Balance Your Being: Integrate Your Inner Masculine & Feminine

As your Feminine Soul awakens, you’ll continue to have access to your masculine-style skills–those don’t get tossed aside or shut off. They’re valued as an important tool set. But they’re just not on auto-pilot all the time as your default coping style now. You’ll have awareness and choice about which center to operate from.

  • Discover which masculine and feminine energies work for you and where/when they don’t.
  • What to do so you don’t relapse to man-mode and exhaust or overwhelm yourself.
  • Find your on/off switch—ways to shift out of your default patterns of masculine or feminine
  • Explore the balancing act of Masculine/Feminine integration.

4. Release Old Blocks That Keeps Getting in Your Way So You Can Live a Truer You

It’s natural that as you reawaken old dreams and access new parts of yourself, that limiting patterns, thoughts and emotions will get stirred. (It’s still frustrating though!) And it’s what keeps us from making the changes we desire. We’ll look at why that happens and you’ll learn how to identify it and move through it, so it doesn’t take you out or overwhelm you. This step is crucial transforming your life.

  • Learn how to move through what derailed you in the past.
  • Use simple, creative tools to untangle blocks and reset yourself when life gets off balance.
  • Anchor and empower new dreams and visions of your life—beyond the doubts and fears.
  • Discover practices that support who you REALLY are, as you embrace a bigger, brighter you.

5. Activate Your Magic and Tap Your Creative Genius

Reconnect with the creative essence and energy of the feminine—a vastly under-actualized aspect of your being.  Discover expressive arts as your new decision making tools, when you feel stuck. Express yourself  from you Feminine Essence so you create and contribute from a deeply authentic (and visible!) place. Start being seen and known for who you really are. You can:

  • Explore creative processes that are simple, fun and empower  your deeper core wisdom to emerge.
  • Build courage through safe self-expression–be confident in bold and dramatic ways as you test your wings and fly more visibly in the world.
  • Discover how to shine and be seen for who you really are, so you magnetize people, situations and things that are in alignment with the vision you want to be living.
  • Tap the deep artesian stream of Feminine Soul—as you connect with this energy, magic starts to happen. Life starts to happen more easily and effortlessly.

6. The Art  of Living (and Working) from Feminine Soul

Celebrate all the changes you’ve manifested. With this ending there’s a new beginning. We’ll put it all together so it makes sense, and you keep integrating all you’ve learned. We’ll identify your key strengths and areas to develop so you know what’s next on your path.

  • Your access to passion, radiance, creativity and intuition is more present and tangible—not some far off dream or desire.
  • You tap a deeper source of wisdom for yourself, so as a result, you show up differently.
  • Things happen more easily and with less effort–as if by magic at times.
  • You have more options in how you respond or react to your daily routine and those in it.
  • Life feels freer, easier and more fun.

As you complete your journey…

Every woman’s path is different, so I can’t promise where you will be. But if you work through the process, you’ll be living from a different place.

You’ll be tapping into a new, aligned, center that is organic and innate to you as a woman. It might feel foreign, and yet familiar—there’s a sense of congruence and homecoming.

Your life happens more easily and with less effort.  You’re not so crispy and dried up as before.  There is a sense divine timing so that things flow in the right way at just the perfect moment, and not a moment before.

Things turn out better–but you are no longer so worried about it, anyway. Your life feels juicy, delicious and alive again.

Fees, Costs, Logistics and Other Details:

Because who you are truly can’t be put in a box, your program will be highly individual. Your package will be customized based on where you feel you want to put your attention.

You are the expert on your experience, but as your able and experienced guide* I’ll make suggestions that lead you to new territory at a pace and timing that works for you.

The modules can be done individually as well as in series. You may  several or just choose one as the focus of your package.

Together we craft the program to suit your particular needs and areas of concern. We focus on the key issues that you feel most compelled by and we customize to fit you.

Generally that’s 3-6 months.

Since this is not a cookie cutter system, there’s no “one size fits all” pricing. We’ll discuss cost and choose something that fits your needs and budget.

We can meet in person or virtually: via phone or Skype.

In person, we meet at our Historic Balch Hotel. It’s an elegant yet relaxed retreat setting in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, just a short drive from Portland. We offer spa and wellness services here, which really deepens your experience.

The hotel is filled with vintage furnishings and is surrounded by rolling green/gold hills. It’s portal to another time and place–very quiet and expansive.

Travel expenses are not included in the session package prices. You are responsible for your own hotel, travel and meals. We do provide breakfast and do offer meals here for purchase. See more on the Balch Hotel website.

If travel is out of the question, you can experience the ambiance of this gorgeous setting when we meet via Skype (preferred, then its almost as good as being here in person) or phone.

*NOTE* While my background and training are in psychotherapy, this is coaching and not medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment.

This is for you if:

  • You’re committed to making a change and are feeling like it’s time to make a shift–finally.
  • You know that you’re the creator of your life experience and take responsibility for what happens on your journey.
  • You’re coachable: ready, accountable and willing to receive  gentle supportive feedback.
  • You’re of sound mind, psychiatrically-speaking.
  • You have or want a connection to Higher Guidance. Talking to spirits doesn’t contradict your belief system
  • You’re sick of being ignored, undervalued, underpaid (and perhaps even overwhelmed, over worked, overtired) while living this out-moded version of yourself.
  • You want the true you expressed in the world now and are tired of waiting to have that happen.
  • You’re ready to commit resources of time, energy and money to experience something different. Now.
  • You want a mentor with 22+ years of experience guiding transformations like what you are looking for.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want someone else to blame and do it for you.
  • You have loads of other things going on and/or no ability to commit resources (time or money) to  actually create the shift that you want.
  • You’re in psychiatric care or on psych meds. (If so, we’d need a note from your doc. Yup, seriously.)
  • You’d rather do it alone. Forever.

Ready to get started?

Great! I’m excited to meet you!  We start with a Bliss Breakthrough session. This gives us a chance to connect so you can meet me and experience working with me.

This is a deep and powerful process from the start. We’ll explore where you’re struggling and where you want a breakthrough, and start to create that shift in the session.*

We’ll determine if you’re a full YES to creating change and that you’re struggling with something I can help you with.  We want to make sure its a good fit for us both, to ensure your success. From there we plan a path and a package that suits your needs.

Set that up by clicking here* 

Once we receive that we’ll send you a  few questions and a link to schedule the session at your convenience.

*In case you’re wondering, we used to offer these sessions for free, but were having so many one-session breakthrough successes, that women weren’t needing the follow up package. So now we charge for these valuable and powerful transmissions. The Bliss Breakthrough session might be all you need!