There’s something afoot about Mary Magdalene–she’s popping up everywhere lately. Perhaps it’s that we sense she’s whole and holy. Sexy and spiritual…alive.

The hidden being revealed. Just like us.

And it’s valuable to talk about her missing herstory: her message that was lost and being reclaimed. There’s a lot there.

But if we are not careful it can become overly intellectualized and dogmatic.

So not helpful.

Her wisdom can be tapped and moved into the body and heart where change is embodied.

I find my mind and brain move so much faster than my heart and body. You too?

In embodiment practices we start to encounter the parts of us that are not present. We allow ourselves to come home to our bodies, hearts and souls. It’s simple and healing without being re-traumatizing.

Embodiment practices are a lot about slowing down and feeling the beliefs, sensations and thoughts that are moving within. That’s a challenge in a culture that values speed and accuracy, logic and outcomes.

I  recently read that speed and rushing are a strategy of sexism and misogyny. the message is: go faster. When we go quickly we get out of alignment with ourselves;  we can be rushed, forced, or manipulated into things that otherwise wouldn’t feel right.

Recently exploring embodiment practices I found a few common threads that re-membered me back to my Dance Movement Therapy Grad School training: intentional, relaxed movement from within. Going at your own pace or speed. Add sisterhood support in the form of gentle touch (think: massage with  clothes on.) Very elevating.

An embodiment practice to experiment with:

  • Breathe and slow down. Put your phone aside (unless you’re reading this on it!)
  • Relax in the hips and pelvis, allowing yourself to “go wide and deep” (guidance Magdalene has been giving me since returning from France)
  • Keep connecting with the breath.
  • Sense any emotions that are inside, without attaching or becoming overwhelmed by them.
  • Feel what comes up AS it arises, without making a story up about it, allowing these same waves to recede in fairly short order (usually under 2-3 minutes!)
  • Be present to all that is. Without judgement or critique.
  • Experience the pleasure of the moment, just as it is. Delicious.
  • Journal for a few minutes, or share with a friend, colleague or coach.

If you’d like to do this with me live, consider the Magdalene Path  Day Retreat.*  I listened and turned it into a one day retreat and extended the earlybird deadline so you can still hop in.  See more and register here.

I’ve been sensing a deeper awakening happening in women’s spiritual lives lately. And this really balances all the crazy chaotic expression that is happening in our dominant culture right now.

We need these balance points to restore equilibrium. 

Since my Magdalene pilgrimage, my practice has been slowing down and sensing a deeper presence and heart connection within myself, extending to others and the earth.

I’m frequently reminded to, “slow and flow to luscious glow.”

Join me for Magdalene Path Retreat Day  November 3 to experiment with deeper presence from slowing down and connecting with the Divine Feminine you are. Feel yourself gliding through life, not racing. It’s lovely.

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Let’s be whole and holy, sexy and spiritual,



*P.S. This is a trying time for many,  and  a day retreat with other women may not be the best way to address or resolve what’s coming up for you. (Thank you for realizing that!)

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