Another “edgy admission.” For years I’ve been feeling the weaving of Magdalene and Madonna as paired aspects of a deep esoteric mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.
Just as there were deceits and disinformation about Magdalene, so there is great minimizing and misinformation about the Blessed Mother, Mary. (More on that in another post. 😉)
I’ve been feeling the call of the Rose Mysteries, a mystical path of which little is written. Last night I felt called to do a private ceremony to call in the Queen of Heaven, Mother Mary, to awaken this path directly.
The ritual connecting Her and opening the Mysteries of the Rose in my heart (where most of my attention is of late) was simple but powerful. The shift is felt still as I write the next day (even though my logical mind wants to deny it.)
This morning in my spiritual practice I decided to continue, reconnecting with the spiraling rose opening in my heart, as received in meditation with Mother Mary. I feel and sense a labyrinth of roses petals, in the side garden of the Balch hotel.
Wondering if there is more for me from the Madonna directly, I opened to her guidance and heard her words (which I felt relevant to share with you)…
“Beloved I am so happy to share and witness this time with you. I have followed you intensely and we have been connected through time, many lifetimes. Even this one, where your devotion to me as Sacred Feminine has been present despite your abdication from conventional religion and the church of your family.
I keep drawing you back to me, daughter. I am delighted to speak with you directly now, though I have always lived in your heart.
My message for you is simple. Follow the path of the roses that have been placed in your heart.
There is much I could share about this ancient lineage teaching, but it is not for words to describe (glorious and expansive though they may be) but for the body and mind to experience first through the flowering of the heart.
From there, words may come, but it’s best not to lead from intellect on this sacred path of mystery. This path and practice is one of devotional embodiment through prayer and meditation as grounded, embodied wisdom—truly the word made flesh—using the sacred architecture of the Divine Feminine, through us as women.
We are truly one and I am here to guide and serve you as the Great Mother, which you all carry (regardless of your choice to incarnate a child or not).
My path is simple (but not always easy): follow the trail of the rose in your heart.
For now, that is all, and that is enough. Delighted to finally begin this conversation, beloved.
I am Mother Mary, blessed virgin and Madonna to all.”
Needless to say, I drank this in the rest of the day.  I continue to feel that flowering in my chest, as this feeling of the spiraling rose emerges.
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