Your Soul’s Authentic, Exquisite Creativity Revealed

Autumn is here and with it that realization—with shock or relief–that much of 2017 is behind us.   And as the leaves turn, change and fall, there’s that sense (all year, really) of so much breaking down and changing all around us.

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? We’ve been surrounded with news of fires (nearby and far) along with other horrendous human and natural calamities. Some moments its felt as if all I’ve held previous is shattering. Other moments are filled with hope and awe for humanity and our courage and daring to not submit to forces that would otherwise overtake us.

There’s so much moving, inside and out. You too?

Teaching the new online Magdalene Path course has been a stretch, into new scary places (technology!) and a deeper layers of the Magdalene Path message that I know I’m here to transmit—but don’t always know how. Isn’t that the way, though?

Yet as I lean in, new teaching is emerging, too! Pair that with all that’s going on in the world and it’s been a wild ride, lately.

Tap Your Creative Wisdom and Feminine Magic

Recently we explored creativity for soul guidance as well as a spiritual connection point. It was the first time in a while that I’d had the opportunity to talk about this, and to go so deep.

There are ways to access and use your creativity as a decision-making tool, when you feel confused or uncertain.  To connect with your inner muse, or Divine Guidance.

Even just the pure pleasure and passion of playing with paint is so rejuvenating, that it’s empowering and inspiring. It’s a natural way to relax and reconnect, but we get so bound up with concepts that get in the way.

So often I hear from women, “I can’t, I’m not creative”. Like that’s for someone else to be.

It’s sad. And so not true!

Just look at all the creative problem-solving and life juggling you do in any given day–with your kids, partner, work…

Don’t you create beauty, through small things, little touches, in your world every week?  
Sure, not all of our meals, gardens, altars or outfits are works of art, but sometimes they are.

That’s creativity.

Feminine Creativity is different from the masculine mode we were taught in grade school or art class, where you choose a project and embark on a series of steps to create it.

It’s much more about process, though there are some #ArtHacks to make the process flow more easily and with more satisfying results. (I’ll write more about this practice, Consecreation, from The Magdalene Path, next time.)

When you tap the deep artesian stream of Feminine Soul and connect with this energy, the magic of ease, grace and flow starts to happen. Life starts to happen more simply, effortlessly and beautifully—aligned with  your soul calling, not your master planner.

When I was first inspired to write The Magdalene Path, I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. I said yes, but I really had no idea how to write a book.

But I trust my creative self to make something happen, since I know that if I show up and follow a few simple steps, something will emerge. And I want this for you, too.

Believing in your creative spirit gives you confidence in your ability to create in your life and how you work things out. You build courage and confidence through authentic creative expression—and safely test your unique voice and vision.

It’s more than just painting–that part is pretty relaxing, revitalizing and fun, though.

I’ve been longing to lead a #FeminineSoul Retreat, with more painting. And being an Art Therapist, it makes sense. Recently when some ladies requested it, I realized the time is NOW and the Balch Hotel is the perfect place.

Last week I opened registration so I want to invite you!—come to a 2 ½ day retreat at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, November 10-12.

Reconnect with the creative magic of the feminine–vastly under-actualized, repressed and denied in women for generations by mainstream culture.

When you express yourself from your Feminine Soul, you tap a wellspring that lives within you.

And it’s easier than it looks! I’ll walk you through it step by step, though you’ll custom-create art from the vision and guidance you receive.

You’ll learn how to work with the various brushes and tools, mixing color and paint strokes. Try some simple mixed media techniques if you want. Plus a little yoga/movement, ritual and journaling to get yourself in the mood.

Pair that with a boutique getaway (and a 10% discount on your room), other fun women (and men), delicious wholesome meals, cozy beds, gorgeous nature and views. Come away with art that is uniquely yours. No pressure, all pleasure, passion and possibility.

See the details, itinerary and more here

Explore your passion, purpose, pleasure and possibility with me,




P.S.  I’d appreciate any help getting the word out about this, so if you know anyone–especially in the Portland, Seattle, Bend or Salem/Corvallis areas–please share. I’d be so grateful, sweet friend!


About the Author:

Claire Sierra, MA, LFT, is the author of The Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul ©. An Arts Therapist and True Purpose™ Master Coach, Claire has guided thousands of women who feel lost & confused about their purpose, to use creative arts to connect to their divine guidance for clarity & confidence about their true path. She’s led creative soul-centered workshops, retreats and private sessions for over 2 decades. To support greater re-connection she and her husband recently became proprietors of the Balch Hotel, a boutique destination retreat in the Columbia River Gorge, in Oregon. (visit For free resources on your path, go to: for sample chapters, meditations, audio interviews and more.

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