We’re Banishing What Would Otherwise Overtake Us 

I’ve been re-immersed in the sacred creativity practice of Consecreation from The Magdalene Path. As I guided participants in the Magdalene Path Course through the practice, I realized a connection.

I’m so moved right now by the changing of the seasons. It’s All Hallows Eve, AKA Halloween or Samhain–All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days in the Christian tradition.

It’s a potent time and a sacred place at our wheel of the year. The season of  Harvest is put to rest and we turn inward. As the leaves turn, change and fall, we deepen into the feeling of so much breaking down and changing.

There’s so much moving, inside and out. We’ve been surrounded with environmental catastrophes that are truly alarming, both nearby and far, along with other horrendous political, economic and human dramas that at times feel too much to bear witness too.

Some moments its felt as if all I’ve held previous is shattering. Other moments are filled with hope and awe for humanity—our courage, daring to stand in our power, to banish forces that would otherwise overtake us.  #SpeakTruthToPower #MeToo.

As we unveil and embrace the Sacred Feminine, we find the priestess within. We’re bound to meet old patterns and blocks to being who we really feel called to be. We find fear, resistance, longing.

And now, in the sheer perfection of life, we enter the season of release and dying.

What’s Dying in You?

Maybe it’s time to release an old pattern, relationship, way of being, thinking or doing. Perhaps there’s something in the outer world you see that needs changing, that’s calling.

Let that bubble into your awareness today and tomorrow. Let it go with honor, grace and dignity. There are many rituals and processes you can use, as you priestess in the temple of your life.

Start with conscious awareness, compassion, intention. Journal them awake, light a candle, burn them in a fire pit or wood stove. Don’t forget kindness, for yourself and others who are/were trapped in these illusions, real though they seem.

And pray for guidance and support to release! We are doing this together!

These are sacred arts, just a few creative priestess practices that align Feminine Soul in the wheel of the year.  There are ways to access your creativity for decision-making, when you feel confused or uncertain.

Art making is a powerful way to free constrictions and emanicipate old patterns. (Ironically, creativity can be dismantling too!) And then call in the new. You create a visible and concrete reminder of your intention and prayer. Connect with your inner muse, or Divine Guidance.

Feminine Creativity is Different from Masculine Mode

In grade school or art class, we were taught to choose a project and embark on a series of steps to create it. Feminine Creativity is much more about process–though there are some “art hacks” to make the process flow more easily and end with more satisfying results.

Even just the pure pleasure and passion of playing with paint is so rejuvenating, that it’s empowering and inspiring. It’s a natural way to relax and reconnect.

When you tap the deep artesian stream of Feminine Soul and connect with this energy, the magic of ease, grace and flow start to happen. Life starts to happen more simply, effortlessly and beautifully—aligned with your soul calling, not your calendar or planner. And it’s easier than it looks!

Want to experience this?

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