The Magdalene PathI’ve been asked if The Magdalene Path is available…YES! The book is for sale on Balboa Press & Amazon!!

In The Magdalene Path — Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul,  Claire Sierra shares her inspiring spiritual connection with Mary Magdalene — a luminous and controversial feminine icon who empowers contemporary women to awaken their true divinity and feminine power. The Magdalene Path is a guidebook of compelling insights and practices to bring the Divine Feminine into your daily life.

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Want to have a taste first?

You can go here to download a juicy preview chapter from the book, that reveals what Magdalene calls “the greatest story never told.”

Chapter 2, “Herstory,” excerpted from The Magdalene Path, reframes our understanding of Magdalene’s  identity, setting the stage for her powerful illuminations about the loss of the Divine Feminine as it profoundly impacts our lives. Later chapters address reclaiming Feminine Soul and how we can create lives of meaning, magic and joy. .

Here’s what  readers are saying….

“Brava to Claire Sierra for her brave and honest work. I am proud to call her my sister on the path!” 
Kathleen McGowan, author of New York Times Bestseller The Expected One

“Wow! I was struck by the profound story that you’re telling. It made so much “sense’ at a cognitive and a soul level. That also gave me great hope.

Women no longer need to “do things like a man,” but rather are being called to bring the unique gifts of Feminine Soul Power to everything we are involved with. You have a powerful message that needs to be shared with the world.
~ Helen McConnell, creator of

I am totally blown away! I literally could not put it down. I have no doubt that there is a sisterhood arising, and that you and The Magdalene Path are crucial pieces to a much bigger picture that we are all co-creating together.”       ~ Bobbye Middendorf, Chicago, IL

“I instantly felt the authenticity of this material.  This is the REAL deal….”
~ Judy Taylor, Grants Pass,  OR

“Claire Sierra has composed a marvelous tapestry of insights, discoveries, tools, and resources for all of us to use in designing a new global culture. The wisdom of the Magdalene gives us all hope for Heaven on Planet Earth.”
~ Rev. Ruth L. Miller, PhD, author of The New Game of Life and Mary’s Power

“Balancing the forces of the masculine and feminine is the key task of our time; our future as a society depends on it. Claire’s deep work with Sacred Feminine wisdom brings to light a message of hope that couldn’t come at a better time.”
Tim Kelley, founder of the True Purpose™ Institute

“The Magdalene Path is an important contribution to mending a world torn in half by the religions that rejected the Divine Feminine and buried her power.  Claire Sierra brings a fresh, clean and humble approach to this crucial quest. The Magdalene Path is a graceful introduction to the mysteries of the true feminine: the gentle, fierce, fullness of the Goddess herself.” 
~ Lion Goodman, author of Creating on Purpose, Director of the Luminary Leadership Inst.