Oh sister…

I awoke this morning thinking of you. I’ve got a few ideas…

Oy, what a hot time we’re in. Sure, the world looks the same on the outside, day to day–with birds singing and sun shining–yet after this weekend’s vote in US Congress, inside many of us are burning and broiling inside.

Women feel dismissed, abused, discarded. (Magdalene qualities, btw.) And DONE with it!

Most of us feel like running away from the current white male-dominant, abusive leadership we’re witnessing. I can understand why.

Others think this is over-reaction, and want the whole thing to blow over and go away.

Regardless of which position feels right to you, there’s strong emotions being evoked right now.

At home and work, things might be shaky, as many of us are so deeply triggered that even our allies can seem like enemies. (That’s a trauma response, btw, and natural under the circumstances.)

As an art therapist of 20+ years I recognize the signs. We’re also experiencing a collective cultural awakening, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or fun.

The past few weeks (months…years?) we’ve been personally and collectively re-traumatized and triggered.

Issues or situations we thought we had resolved have come back in stereo, as we are surrounded by others who are voicing similar concerns. It’s holographic.

But here’s the thing, this stuff wasn’t done, and it’s returned for clean up and resolution. For real.

And while we can do lots of processing and healing on our own and 1:1 in counseling (which I do suggest!) there’s power when we also do it together.

It’s unveiled: we can’t hide from it any more. The lineage is laid bare. and it’s ugly.

I know  women and men aligned with a new paradigm are being called to step up and move into leadership at this time—not run away.

We can have influence and lead–at the coffee shop, knitting club, in casual connection as well as our primary relationships–just by what we say and do as well as who we’re BEING.

How we influence those around us has everything to do with understanding that we have power. We have to awaken to how we are called to use it. #AwakenFemininePower

Its about how we use our voice, how we show up, respond to people, allow ourselves to be heard and seen.

And the easiest way to do this is when we feel supported, not alone on a crusade.

So it seems a perfect time to gather. So I wanted to invite you to Sisterhood Supper next week.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive, to really unpack the Magdalene themes that are looking for resolution in you, I’ve just opened the Magdalene Path Retreat in November with a Weekend or Day Retreat option!! 

Click Here for Details.

At Sisterhood Supper we might explore and discuss*:

  • What to do (and not do) with all the energy that is running through you, so you can redirect it to create what you REALLY want.
  • How to identify which emotions are yours and which are not, so you know how to participate AND honor your truth. (This is tricky!)
  • How to use this challenging time to gain momentum (instead of being derailed)
  • Ways to channel the anger that is surfacing to FUEL you into your next level (instead of going into burden, defeat or fight energy.)
  • How the subtle (or not so subtle) energy of depression, sadness, and hurt can give you direction.
  • What SOUL practices are really supporting you right now?

*These are conversations that matter, and are always guided by the group interested and energy, as this is a casual dinner party, not a therapy circle. If you’re looking for that, talk to me.

RSVP here or 541.467.2277 and join us!

Let’s be whole and holy, sexy and spiritual,




P.S. This is a trying time for many,  and  a casual dinner party may not be the best way to address or resolve what’s coming up for you. (Thank you for realizing that!)

If your old trauma is really triggered,  perhaps you’re ready for counseling and spa treatments bundled to address your particular concern. I offer private, virtual and in-person experiences. Discover if one’s right for you.