A deep heady scent of Spikenard greeting each woman as she arrived to Temple Sophia. Anointed, one by one, women of various background, age and experience entered the circle. Inhaling deeply, relaxing fully, she found her seat in the garnet room and settled in to the journey.

As thirteen of us began, sisters shared what brought them to the circle…. what their intentions for being there were.

After all, there are many things begging for attention in our lives these days. And all of these women are teachers, healers and leaders in their own right, so what was calling them to receive?

Why, I wondered, were they here, now?

As each took her turn she named desire for connection, community, spiritually aligned friendships, support, validation, acknowledgment. Creating a Soul Sisterhood.

And at the end of our circle  when we reflected, these remarkable 12 women said they received: validation, gratitude, clearing & reset, realignment, soul connection.

This Temple was about connecting to soul: the deeper currents of life that move hidden within us. At Equinox, we seek balance of dark/light, masculine/feminine.

We allow ourselves to be connected to Nature, as She sustains us, and prepare to dive in seasonally.

Temple Sophia is not about Goddess worship (except of the goddesses we are. 😉)  Sophia, after all, is an archetype of divine wisdom in western esoteric traditions, she’s not really a goddess at all.

And It’s not about exclusive devotion to Mary Magdalene—though we did explore the hidden secrets she holds and the shattering impact of what we lost when the power elite removed her.

We dipped our toes into sacred sexuality and what happens when women’s sexual power is taken away (thanks patriarchy!) and the legacy we’ve inherited (loss of sex drive, sexual trauma, anxiety, depression, exhaustion…).

We’ve been taught we can’t be sexy and spiritual and that lives deep within most women.

What to do to re-vitalize our juicy sensuality? How to return to feeling whole and holy?

Our sexual expression has gotten contorted into being all about and for the other, and while that’s a juicy gift, it’s not the point. Our eros is our life force! Our creativity, our feeling good in our body! So we played with simple practices for reactivating it, safely and slowly.

These is burning bright in me since my downloads in France. Magdalene wisdom around the body and sensuality seems so timely in this age of #MeToo and the expose of the Kavanaugh Hearings.

If you’re ready to dive deeper and experience the mysteries and lost with Mary Magdalene—the missing Goddess in the Gospels and activate the priestess within, join us, November 2-4 for the Magdalene Path Retreat at the Balch HOtel in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

Discover tools and perspectives to shift from stress and struggle of masculine overdrive to activate your feminine magic, for more ease, grace and flow.

Awaken lost & stolen gifts of sacred sensuality so you feel sexy and spiritual, alive in your body again.

You’ll unlock the Magdalene Codes–Her hidden wisdom that lives within you and get clearly connected with your soul guidance to so your life feels aligned.

Are you in?

Honestly, I imagine for some the Magdalene Path 3 day retreat might be too big a leap right now.

So I’m inspired to open it up as a day retreat, on Saturday, November 2. AND (bonus!!) if you want to come Friday night for our opening circle the night before, that’s FREE.

Whether you come for a day or the whole weekend, you will: 

  • Encounter Mary Magdalene as Sophia–the Sacred Feminine guide, goddess, and portal to sacred sexuality and Divine Union. YES!
  • Experience Temple Dance: Simple sacred movement to awaken (& thaw) your feminine body connection. Juicy!
  • Make Sacred Art  in an easy, gorgeous, soul-centered process to create your Magdalene or Divine Feminine guide. Sweet!
  • Explore your Feminine Essence through art, meditation, ritual and anointing with essential oils. Delicious!

Explore wisdom teachings, Herstory and tools from The Magdalene Path to harvest the wisdom of a Sacred Feminine Goddess hiding in plain sight.

You’ll tap your inner guidance to access practical soul wisdom and guide your career, love, health and more. You’ll clear blocks to juicy embodied JOY that get in the way of your sensual experience of life and love.

Join author, art therapist, Balch Hotel co-owner & spa priestess Claire Sierra, in a sacred circle of support, to marry the sacred and sexy in you.

See the details and register for the 3 day retreat HERE

Register for the day retreat HERE:

Are you coming?


PS this might not be the time for you, but please share with other sisters who you think would benefit. If you’re not coming I’d love to hear why from you.