A Perfect Portal to Inner Wisdom this Solstice

12-20-15This season more than ever a deeper pull has been moving in me. I’ve avoided the holiday commercialism.

Maybe it’s the huge transition and uplevel to owning the Balch Hotel, (plus getting the spa up and running and coordinating with new teachers and chefs for special events and retreats.)

The holidays can be external expressions of busyness and business, but inside it’s getting quiet.

I love that at this time of year we are drawn to cozy up with chai tea and journal in big sweaters. Decking the halls with boughs and twinkling light galore. We had 8″ of snow yesterday and went skiing out our back door.

It’s so beautiful and serene.

Are you feeling the pull inward? Are you allowing yourself the time and space to dive into the mystery that this season brings–somehow avoiding the holiday hype?

That’s the Solstice calling you deeper into yourself. The dark days and long nights invite us to dream. Listen.

Recently I shared that I didn’t have a big promotion planned for this holiday season. (Blasphemy!?)

And it’s not that I don’t love the message I’m sharing–I just don’t want it wrapped in this cloak of commercial excess.

Finding your divine connection through quieting the mind

And then I remembered that The Magdalene Path is such a perfect portal to the inner mysteries that are activated at this time of year (and that our culture tries desperately to keep us from contacting.

So perhaps this is a radical even subversive act. One that calls you to yourself and the guidance and light that you really are.

The Divine downloads from Magdalene and the practices take you there.

I’ve heard from so many women around the world what a shift this book has brought them. (I’m humbled to write this.)

I’ve been blown away. If you want to read their words, go here.

So I decided to go simple, elegant and organic and offer you the Magdalene Path Book Bundle again.

And since next week is Solstice and Christmas, now is the time to let you know, right? No hiding my light under a bushel, it’s dusty in there!

My intention for this year has been elegant, organic simplicity. So I’m making this bundle available again See belowThe Goddess Coloring book package I was conjuring up will just have to wait a bit. (unless you want it for free–scroll down)

Deep bows in Solstice sisterhood,

claire sig