Oh, sweet summertime is upon us, sister! As I sit on my deck to write you, the heady scent of blossoms fill the air, a warm breeze glances by, a cacophony of birdsong greets me. Bright toes in sandals, jumping in a cool creek, chilled fruity cocktails with dinner cooked outdoors in the waning evening sunshine… what’s not to love? (cottonwood fluff and 90+ days, aside…)

I’ve always loved summer…and my birthday in June adds to the delight.

But it’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through this year…how did that happen!?

As we edge towards Summer Solstice later this month so much seems to be in bloom, in and around us. The garden of our life is coming into full ripeness now.

Sister, Summer is meant to be a season of celebration.

Midsummer is a great time to pause in the busyness of it all….

Observe what is full, ripe and overflowing?

Where are you experiencing abundance?

For me it’s been mind-blowing. After years of transition (not without struggle), Bliss at the Balch is finally blooming. I’ve seen more clients this month than in the first 4 months! Its an interesting mix of spa sessions, soul coaching & art therapy, depending on the client…

Sometime between now and solstice grab a glass of cool iced tea (I love Jasmine!) and your journal, to reflect….

Reconnect with your spark or vision—maybe from midwinter or the turn of the year, maybe more recent.

Honor what you’ve created so far this year. Celebrate the abundance and places that are flowing.

Recalibrate areas that aren’t flowing so wonderfully OR areas that are (annoyingly) abundant in ways that don’t serve your higher vision.

Look at blocks to abundance and the often paradoxical dynamics of manifesting in feminine mode, so you can receive your greater good. (It’s often far different from the struggle and striving of the masculine.)

Explore tools for manifestation from soul, not will and ego. (Which have other good uses. 😉

Connect with the energy of play, exuberance & ecstasy, really filling your well from the Divine Intoxication that is surrounding us now in Summer’s full bloom.

If you find yourself too busy to give yourself this time, relax. It’s easier to focus when we’re led.

Let’s regroup for Rose Temple at Summer Solstice. Gathering together in sisterhood is a huge source of strength, its where our magic shines. See more of the details and links to register below.

And good news! For those who just can’t make it to the Balch Hotel in Oregon, I’m doing a virtual temple via Facebook Live. See details below.

An evening of exquisite bliss.

Join us next time in person or on-line…

PS Good news! For those who just can’t make it to the Balch Hotel in Oregon, I’ll offer a virtual version via Facebook Live. See details below.

Gather for Rose Temple to experience your Divine Feminine Self and activate your inner priestess as we dive into the Path of the Rose at Summer Solstice.

Dip into the magic of the season and celebrate the glory of Mid Summer. We’ll connect with the Magdalene & Madonna Mysteries further.

Enjoy deep-dive connection, creative expression, soulful conversation, and simple ceremony that spans religious traditions. Meditation, prayer, art, movement, & writing are a few practices we often explore.

Details below. Details and registration here

Rose Temple – Solstice Circle


Deepen Connection to Your Feminine Soul Magic

Gather for an evening women’s temple to experience your Divine Feminine Self, and activate your inner priestess, as we dive into Summer at Solstice.

If we’re inspired, we’ll also dip into Magdalene and Madonna Mysteries and the Path of the Rose.

Enjoy deep-dive connection, creative exploration, soulful conversation, and simple ceremony that spans religious traditions.

  • Access deeper spiritual connection for luscious self-care.
  • Express your authentic truth and soulful sovereignty.
  • Be seen and loved for who you really are!
  • Recharge your sense of belonging in a supportive circle of sisters.
  • Explore your soul yearnings, through art, movement & meditation.
  • Enjoy cool tea & sweet treats…with other like-minded women.

Guided by Claire Sierra, MA (Art Therapist, retreat leader, Balch Hotel owner/spa priestess and author of The Magdalene Path.



Saturday June 22

10 am PT via Facebook Live*

*Go to Magdalene Path on Facebook, the Livestream will be pinned to the top.

Questions? Claire@MagdalenePath.com or 541.659.7284

(Inquire about barter or scholarship opportunities.)

Details: www.MagdalenePath.