Bliss Breakthrough Manifesto or What I Really Know I Didn’t Learn in Kindergarten

If you’re like many of the women I’m speaking to lately, you’ve spent your whole life supporting others, building a whole career around this calling. You could be a professional care-taker, like a nurse, teacher or therapist. Perhaps you’re a single mom and a professional, doing double duty: working for others by day, caring for others at night.

You’ve become good at juggling, having it all together. Day after day you tend the dreams and needs of others, keeping everyone else happy. And its leaving you burned out, exhausted and stressed, with no time for dreams of your own.

Do you ever feel like you misplaced the reason you are here and what you are meant to be doing? While you might be dead tired and overwhelmed, that deeper calling is still stirring inside.

Is Burnout or Fatigue Your Middle Name?

No wonder you feel compassion fatigued. Your shining heart of gold has crumpled and your career has left you bone dry and blowing away.  That “super-competent” professional self needs a rest or she’s going to take you down, (if it hasn’t already).  No amount of chocolate, after-work cocktails, or late night web-surfing replenishes that well.

Celebrate that you’ve done well for yourself, climbed the ladder of success, fitting all the pieces of a complicate life together. Bravo.

But in the meanwhile you’ve lost the brilliant spark of who you are and the work you felt excited to do. The liberated woman “go-getter” somehow turned into the modern, masculinized female, the mini-man.

Crossing Your Ocean of Impossibility

It can be easy to get lost in a maze of disconnection, distraction and endless to-do lists. Where you are now and where you want to be seem like two distant continents with an ocean of impossibility in between.

You worry it’s too late and wonder if you’ll ever get to have that ideal life you know you were born to live. But you can. And you deserve it.

Yes, you can keep your life in motion, reconnect with your purpose and reawaken your passion for living. You’ve been trained you to forget how, as you manage overwhelming demands every day.

It’s Time for a Breakthrough.

Here’s the thing: if you keep leaving yourself off your own list until you have more time, money or energy, you’ll never get there.

Do something different for a change. Come back to your senses. Find ways to create safe and sacred space where you can unwind, rest, restore and renew.

Start small, by giving attention to what really nourishes and sustains you. Notice how and when you focus on the tasks– doing your life without joy—and shift into in-joying  your life.

Choose activities that you are a full-body “yes” to. Embody your life with joy. Start to jettison the rest. It can be awkward and messy at first, but it’s your life. If not now, when?

Reawaken Your Your Access to Source.

Reconnect with Self and Spirit–your sacred feminine Essence: the intuitive, organic,soft, creative, timeless in you. And for heaven’s sake, connect with others — for while you can only do this for yourself, you aren’t meant to do it alone.

From here replenishment will come. Wisdom will emerge. Clarity will be revealed. You have all the answers.

You just need some time and space, structure and support. Take walks along a winding path, get messy with a creative project, sip tea with a kindred or sit quietly think, pray and write. Come home to your self and a divinely aligned life.

Rejuvenation is a just a breath away. Look, your bliss awaits you.



About the Author:

Claire Sierra, MA, LFT, is the author of The Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul ©. An Arts Therapist and True Purpose™ Master Coach, Claire has guided thousands of women who feel lost & confused about their purpose, to use creative arts to connect to their divine guidance for clarity & confidence about their true path. She’s led creative soul-centered workshops, retreats and private sessions for over 2 decades. To support greater re-connection she and her husband recently became proprietors of the Balch Hotel, a boutique destination retreat in the Columbia River Gorge, in Oregon. (visit For free resources on your path, go to: for sample chapters, meditations, audio interviews and more.