A Missing Link Is Re-Awakening Now


A reader commented on an article on this blog last week, and upon review it seems relevant. So I freshened it up a bit, to share with you. It's timely because we're all going through various waves of emotion as our world is so deeply unsettled. So much loss, uncertainty, unclarity, lack of real direction... Not knowing what's next can really eat at our core sense of Self stability. Unless we find a deeper source to align with. We find it together. In community. With other who reflect the Truth we know inside (when we forget.) Sisters. We find

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The Story I Usually Don’t Tell


There’s a story that keeps coming to me to share, that I don’t usually tell about how I came to receive the downloads and write The Magdalene Path. By outer appearances, I had what looked like a very good life, but I was secretly miserable. I couldn’t figure out why: I “had it all.” Nothing explained my malaise. I sensed there was a deeper calling, something “more” I was here to do or be. But I had no idea what it was. I had reached my goals, and frankly they left me wanting. Maybe you relate to that. I

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Finding a Path from Confusion to Clarity


It’s a new year and things are changing. While some spent oodles of time reviewing and releasing the past year, then creating intentions and goals for the new, not everyone functions that way. In fact, it’s a very masculine approach. Don’t let yourself get defined by that external structure. No self-flagellating if it’s not in your flow. There are other paths to clarity. Many women I talk to lately seem to be on BIG clarity projects of another kind: paper de-cluttering, closet re-configuring, basement overhauling. I get it, I just reworked my office/art studio

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What to Do To Avoid Winter Blues?


Holy, Wholy, Winter Wonderland, Goddess... At the first of February, what seemed like the beginning of spring (AKA Imbolc, as I wrote last time) took a hard u-turn and winter came in full-on. That was a month ago. It’s been snowing steadily since. I thought I’d get sick of it, cabin-fever and all. But actually I’ve relished it. Bright days cross country skiing in the back field helps and the view, OMG. All the plans that poured out of me in September sit on a shelf.It’s very quiet, internal. I have ideas, but nothing compelling is demanding action. I just don’t feel like pushing it. I’m sick

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Spark Visions of Your Emerging Soul


You might not know we’re at the High Holy Day Imbolc (in the Celtic earth spirit tradition) that’s between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. I'm happy it's here for a few reasons. We’re seeing the lengthen of days, the light is returning. We turn the wheel of the year in 2019. How’s that going for you so far? Often the New Year inspires new intentions and resolutions. But for many of us it’s just too early, we’re not ready yet, still in the fallow time in the dark of winter. Now that shifts, and we start to see like the

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She’s Everywhere… If You Know How to Look


Since my pilgrimage to the south of France, I've been marinating in deeper aspects of The Magdalene Path. It was powerfully life altering. I've been inspired to shift my retreat in November to unveil these deeper mysteries.  I'll share more in a bit, but if you're curious go HERE. One thing that's so compelling in France is that she's present everywhere--if you know how to look. Prior to 1200 all the Notre Dame churches were dedicated to her. Even now she's in niches, stained glass windows, side chapels, paintings, and main altars. After the ordeal of Yeshua (in Aramaic, or 

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Feel Unleashed, Free and Crazy Beautiful


It's a time of great change and transition, from what all I see & hear. One of the things I love about women's temple time, is we get to unpack and explore what's happening in our lives, inside and out. Out loud, into a safe space that supports our wholeness. What's Alive For You Right Now? Many women "speak ourselves into being." We don't know what we're thinking/feeling until we say it asked (ideally in spacious non-judgement & support.) And the synchronicities and alignment always astonish! I saw this in spades twice recently. First, a large circle of 22 women

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Calling My Magdalene Sisters


Beloved... A friend dropped in unexpectedly yesterday. She lives 2 hours away and showed up unannounced. She leaned in and said, ”I saw your pictures from Avalon. I want to hear about your trip. Tell me.” She practically cornered me and asked, “And what about Mary Magdalene? How does she hold missing pieces for us as women today? I know there’s more to the tale we’re told….” We talked for another hour. Or two. I shared what I knew, felt, sensed and experienced about Magdalene and Her myths, messages and meaning for modern women. And she was on her way.

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Magdalene Path Course is Here!


Beloved... For years since writing and publishing The Magdalene Path, I’ve been wanting to create an on-line course: a virtual group experience to take women into a deeper exploration and experience of the Magdalene Mysteries—the myth, metaphors and meaning of Mary Magdalene. Let’s explore why we are so drawn to Her.  And then take Her message & meaning into our own lives. I often am asked: So who was she really? Was she a prostitute, priestess or wife of Jesus? We sense that there’s more to Magdalene than the traditional Catholic story tells. And many, myself included, have been drawn

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Avalon is Real, Sister!


Hey Sister! It’s been a few weeks since I returned from my priestess pilgrimage to western England, where I spent 8 days exploring and experiencing the magic of Avalon and Glastonbury in rural western England. I hardly know what to say—which you know is rare. ;) I traveled with 19 other women, priestesses of various traditions from 9 different countries around the world. We visited and explored the sacred ancient and early-Christian sites, that have been held sacred for millennia. We entered a deep alchemical space, full of myth metaphor, ritual and magic. To say it was amazing is an

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