Magdalene Path Course is Here!


Beloved... For years since writing and publishing The Magdalene Path, I’ve been wanting to create an on-line course: a virtual group experience to take women into a deeper exploration and experience of the Magdalene Mysteries—the myth, metaphors and meaning of Mary Magdalene. Let’s explore why we are so drawn to Her.  And then take Her message & meaning into our own lives. I often am asked: So who was she really? Was she a prostitute, priestess or wife of Jesus? We sense that there’s more to Magdalene than the traditional Catholic story tells. And many, myself included, have been drawn

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Avalon is Real, Sister!


Hey Sister! It’s been a few weeks since I returned from my priestess pilgrimage to western England, where I spent 8 days exploring and experiencing the magic of Avalon and Glastonbury in rural western England. I hardly know what to say—which you know is rare. ;) I traveled with 19 other women, priestesses of various traditions from 9 different countries around the world. We visited and explored the sacred ancient and early-Christian sites, that have been held sacred for millennia. We entered a deep alchemical space, full of myth metaphor, ritual and magic. To say it was amazing is an

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Liberation from Self Sabotage: 3 Powerful Tools


I’m just back from my priestessing pilgrimage to Avalon, where I gathered with 19 other women from around the world to remember and reweave the lost lineage of Christ and Magdalene, the Christess. No words for all this yet, I’m still weaving in that transformational experience. (image from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury--powerful place!) Then integrating this shift with the big energy of the Great Eclipse this week. Were you in the Path of Totality? Things are different. What was no longer is. You notice it, too? In weeks to come I'll be sharing about some online experiences you can

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What Do You Mean: I’m Not Creative?


Creativity expands us in so many ways. And yet I hear all the time, "I'm not creative." Total hogwash--why would you say that about yourself? Look at all the creative problem-solving, decision-making,  and life management you do in any given day--with your kids, at work... And don't you create beauty, through those small things, little touches, in your world every week? Sure, not all of our meals or garden beds are works of art, but I bet they are sometimes. When you give it time and energy. Right? Believing in yourself as a creative spirit gives you confidence in what

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Remember the Goddess in the Gospels: Magdalene Feast Day Virtual Temple Retreat!


{Quick side note: For several months I've been intending a virtual retreat on Magdalene Feast day this weekend. But it's only just today that I'm clear and aligned with the essence and message of this invitation to you. That's a tale for another time, hard but true. So while this invite is later than I hoped, (unless you saved the date as I suggested earlier ;)  I do hope you can still join me. Read on...} Shhh…..Listen, sister….can you hear it? The sounds of bare feet padding down the temple halls. The allure of lush color, pungent fragrance, a warm

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How Your Winter Dreams Burst into Spring Bloom


The Equinox is just past and greenery is exploding all around. Finally. Here in the Pacific Northwest we had a very intense winter. Perhaps you too. So we’re glad Spring has arrived, like never before. And with it, new birth! Seeds (bulbs) we sowed in the fall are starting to bloom. Winter was rocky for many, with crazy “weather” inside and out!  For many of us, the elections shook what we knew or expected and turned things sideways. Regardless of your feelings for the outcome, a strong emotional current has been stirred up. Now, perhaps finally, it’s clear that we

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The Danger of Great Expectations


Starting Over Again Big relief: we just had our 1 year anniversary as owners of The Historic Balch Hotel. It’s a been a great year, busy and a true adventure, with loads of lessons learned. (Such as: don’t unpack a moving truck in flip flops!) If you told me a year ago how long it would take to get settled into this new venture as hoteliers while I continue with my biz, I’d never have believed you. Call me massively optimistic (or deluded) but I thought it would take a few months at most to adapt to this new location

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The Magic of Unplanned Planning


Happy New Year, so far? I hope you gave yourself the time to pause--to reflect, review and really take stock of what happened last year. This kind of clarity is indespensable and can help you create this year as potently and powerfully as you desire. I mentioned in my last newsletter that this issue wouldn't  be your run-of-the-mill "planning".  I had no idea how right I was. I had big plans to write sooner, but I have a few confessions to make. After my deep restful retreat and reflection mode, I bottomed out. Not in a bad way, but in

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Awe of October


Sh…don’t say it: end of summer. I resisted it for so long: stamped my feet, pounded my fists, plugged my ears. I would not hear it. Then this week, voila, its here and I love it: Autumn. The air is cooler, the light is clearer, sparkling.   I’m out of resistance. I’m in awe of Autumn. It tricks me into loving it every time. It takes me a while to warm up to it, I’m not ready to let go at Labor Day or Back to School.   With my Divine Feminine book in the capable hands of my editor,

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Another Opportunity for Divine Alignment


My guidance is telling me not to send out a full newsletter yet. There are big changes moving inside RadiantClarity, with emerging events and perspectives to enhance your radiant beauty in life. I still wanted to let you know about a few things I am involved in, and encourage you to join in on. Both are HIGHLY recommended.   Blessings of warm summer fruit, Claire Oneness Blessing in Grants Pass Facilitated by Claire Sierra with other Blessing Givers   Move into a deeper state of being and know the Truth of who you really are. Join us for an evening

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