We might be onto something, sister


And I don’t think we are looking for another religion. I think the masculine based religious structure is well established. For many that still serves. But many of us are hungering, searching for something deeper that fits our unique feminine experience.

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Reclaiming The Divine Feminine


Through the newly emerging mysteries of Mary Magdalene I am discovering ancient archetypes & modern wisdom that are key to recovering sacred union, the balance between masculine and feminine. And I see the how she symbolizes a struggle to be seen and honored for who she really is.....We can experience and embody a connection to divinity that is grounded in the feminine essence. This reorients us. We start to live our lives from a different reference point.

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Message for February:


We know intellectually that we are all connected but when emotional waves threaten to take us down, do we recall that there are larger forces at play. Larger energy fields expressed as weather, astrology/astronomy, economy, etc. When millions are suffering, am I expected NOT to feel that? Gratefully with enough experience navigating myself and others through the channels, (and great support from wise buddies) I turned to skills and practices that I know work. I know because I have used and taught them for 20 plus years. We teach what we need to learn, remember?

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Ego Clearing Tools for Soul Consciousness


Now the path is to stay clear and open. To recognize and clear false or limiting beliefs as they emerge. Harvest them during the funky, out-of-alignment moments we all have. And come back to truth and clarity about who we are and why we are each here. (What joy!)So if you notice feeling stuck, frustrated or negative about some moment or aspect of your life, take a moment to acknowledge it, whatever its content or quality may be. Try not to get hooked by the story. Then see what it is trying to teach or show you. And take a small action to create a shift to more clarity and alignment with your Self and Source.

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Are You Charging What You Are Worth?


Are You Charging What You Are Worth? Many solo professionals and heart-centered entrepreneurs struggle with making the money they really need and deserve. Can you relate? Although there are lots of programs on marketing and selling, there’s little to no guidance on how to have successful sales conversations, determine the best fee structure for your services or how to ask for what your worth.  As a result, many solo-preneurs like you feel uncomfortable and uneasy quoting their fees, feel pressured to discount their services or even avoid asking for the business! If you know you’re meant to share your gifts

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Deep Listening in The Great Pause


Today is the first day back to work for many after a long holiday break. The time my dear sister Beth Meadows calls "The Great Pause". It's that gap between Solstice (also Hanukkah and Christmas) and the New Year, when all time seems to stop and listen. We honor that quiet time with rest, renewal and inward reflection, despite the busy demands of holiday cheer. We review the year passing and dream of what we hope is to come. We set  intentions and  goals, even "resolutions". And after a week or two of this deep soul work, we

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Out with the Old, Make Space for the New


I feel it, cleansing and releasing seems to the order of the season for many, that along with rest, renewal and reflection. It seems we have lots to let go of to make space for what is new and trying to come through. That may be what 2010 is about: clearing the space for the numinous to appear (in us, as us). I do hope this next decade is more glorious than you hope and dream. Lets talk in mid-January for a way to support you in getting there, with a group of friends/colleagues or by your self.

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