Sisterhood Supper Changes


Sister, Some times things are moving so fast, I’m not sure what I’ve shared. But these changes I want you to know about. Sisterhood Supper was created as a space for open ended dialogue and connection among women. A chance to meet other women in our community, from near and far. It’s been great fun, for the most part. But truthfully, sometimes it’s missed the mark for me. Other times it’s so rich and soul nourishing--the women who come get great value. I’ve been wondering how to amplify that. I’ve been feeling that Sisterhood Supper needs a re-boot. A more

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Ready to Meet Your Year?


For many of us the New Year tradition of making new spiffy plans and resolutions often just doesn't work. It's too soon-- we’re not ready yet--in the fallow of winter.   Often times I like to create Vision Map for my year. This January felt far too early. But now that energy shifts, and we start to feel the new year cycle of creativity returning.   Are you noticing this in you?   If you're hungry to see, feel and express the visions that have been germinating in winter’s quiet, I've got an idea to manifest them more easily.

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Fruitfully Fallow, Go Deep


In the pre-Christian traditions of Europe, this time of year was always honored as the season of harvest and gratitude. In the ancient Celtic calendar,  we first had Samhain (pronounced Saw-when...go figure.) This festival got repurposed as Hallowe'en along with All Souls and All Saints days in the Christian tradition.  It's  time known for the veils to the spirit world being thinnest. (Why else would people dress like ghosts, goblins and witches?) Our desire to meditate and be quiet grows after a long season of summer. Feelings and intuitions rise. After the harvest, the fields are fallow. Not much happening,

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Sacred & What??


There's something afoot about Mary Magdalene--she's popping up everywhere lately. Perhaps it's that we sense she's whole and holy. Sexy and spiritual...alive. The hidden being revealed. Just like us. And it’s valuable to talk about her missing herstory: her message that was lost and being reclaimed. There’s a lot there. But if we are not careful it can become overly intellectualized and dogmatic. So not helpful. Her wisdom can be tapped and moved into the body and heart where change is embodied. I find my mind and brain move so much faster than my heart and body. You too? In

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Managing the Unmanageable


Oh sister... I awoke this morning thinking of you. I've got a few ideas... Oy, what a hot time we're in. Sure, the world looks the same on the outside, day to day--with birds singing and sun shining--yet after this weekend's vote in US Congress, inside many of us are burning and broiling inside. Women feel dismissed, abused, discarded. (Magdalene qualities, btw.) And DONE with it! Most of us feel like running away from the current white male-dominant, abusive leadership we're witnessing. I can understand why. Others think this is over-reaction, and want the whole thing to blow over and

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{Temple Reflections} Unforeseen Gifts


A deep heady scent of Spikenard greeting each woman as she arrived to Temple Sophia. Anointed, one by one, women of various background, age and experience entered the circle. Inhaling deeply, relaxing fully, she found her seat in the garnet room and settled in to the journey. As thirteen of us began, sisters shared what brought them to the circle…. what their intentions for being there were. After all, there are many things begging for attention in our lives these days. And all of these women are teachers, healers and leaders in their own right, so what was calling them

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What’s So Dangerous About Mary Magdalene?


I'm just back from pilgrimage to the south of France, activating deeper aspects of The Magdalene Path. It was powerful beyond words. I've been inspired to shift my retreat in November to unveil these deeper mysteries that emerged there.  (If you're curious go HERE. After the death ritual of Yeshua (or Jesus in Greek) that completed the ancient prophesy, Mary Magdalene left Israel for southern France, where I spent 11 days. (you can read more about her journey in The Magdalene Path.) She traveled with the Maries, priestess- healers who shared her mission:  teaching The Way of Love that began

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Paint Your Soul Free


Since returning from pilgrimage to the south of France, where I've reconnected with the deeper heart, soul and mystery that underlies The Magdalene Path. (I'm getting ready to share more details soon.) I'm writing lots and feeling creative bursts. I've been clearing out my studio; rediscovering old art motifs and finding new ones. A creative urge is moving through me. Slow and quiet but insistent. Are you  feeling it too? As we realize the damage done by operating in hyper-masculine mode--the only path to achieve success in our culture--our Feminine Soul, and all it's juicy sensuality and creativity revives. Like

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She’s Everywhere… If You Know How to Look


Since my pilgrimage to the south of France, I've been marinating in deeper aspects of The Magdalene Path. It was powerfully life altering. I've been inspired to shift my retreat in November to unveil these deeper mysteries.  I'll share more in a bit, but if you're curious go HERE. One thing that's so compelling in France is that she's present everywhere--if you know how to look. Prior to 1200 all the Notre Dame churches were dedicated to her. Even now she's in niches, stained glass windows, side chapels, paintings, and main altars. After the ordeal of Yeshua (in Aramaic, or 

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She Didn’t Do It Alone, Why Should You?


I'm just back from pilgrimage in the Languedoc, the south of France, where I activated deeper aspects of The Magdalene Path. It was powerful beyond words. I'm still integrating the experience, I'll share more in a bit. One thing that's so compellingly clear about  Magdalene, is that her story was distorted on purpose. She was named the Apostle to the Apostles--lineage holder-- by Jesus. She's a great icon of  stolen feminine power who holds a potent spiritual sensual healing lineage waiting to be tapped. But Her story got  distorted, eliminated and forgotten. She was removed on purpose as part of a

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