This Might Be You? (or Someone You Know?)


I Don't Usually Talk About This, But.... Wow, last week brought synchronicity with several of completions that made me realize something. I’m pretty awed by what I heard, which inspired me to share. These women are awesome, and yet what they were struggling with was anything but. And they are not alone. I've been there, maybe you or someone you know has too. As we paused at the end of her coaching series, one client who just left a 30 year relationship shared this: “I felt like a child in my newly single life. I was lost, confused, afraid and

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Are You Ready For A Quantum Leap?


I wiggle and squirm as I attempt to sit in meditation this morning. Some days it’s easier than others to do my morning practices. Why do I want to open my email more than I want to connect in stillness and silence with the Divine? Why does it seem so difficult sometimes? I know the inevitable result when I don’t: fear, worry, darkness and confusion about my path, my life—dreary moods. I settle in and allow myself to being present in my body—my breath slows too. My mind follows. I hear the voice of my higher guidance, “Be still, your

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Sacred Partnership


An Excerpt from Chapter 4 in The Magdalene Path Early on in recorded history, most women absorbed the cultural and religious messages of male dominance as status quo. We’ve worked hard for decades to undo that. To prove ourselves worthy and equal, women have adopted values, attitudes, and behavior that are essentially masculine. We’ve become mini-men, working harder, faster, and stronger to succeed. As successful as this strategy is, it’s also a recipe for exhaustion and burnout, not to mention chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, and other ills. It is no longer productive or healthy to fight to be treated like

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Surrendering to Winter Bliss


Winter is full on in the Pacific Northwest. Its snowing! This dramatic energy shift inspired an article for you about surrendering to the energy of the season and enjoying the blissings that come from winter's cold dark depths. Some years that's been a challenge for me, so I added an excerpt below, from The Magdalene Path, a short but potent activity to deepen and enhance your winter experience. And yes, the book is available for you, just in time for holiday gift giving! I figured your inbox was flooded with emails extolling the virtues of Gratitude, so figured I'd give

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Dancing Divine Union


I'm dancing a big edge right now. Last time I wrote about the process we all go through: moving through breakthroughs, and how to be present to enjoy them: Footsteps on the Path of Joy (if you missed it, click here) I'm so hyper-focused on developing the release of the book and some really deep/delicious launch activities for you that I'm moving fast. I see this with clients (and friends) all the time. We are so busy doing our purpose that we miss our present now. And yet, planning,organization and logistics needs to happen. Not just creating organically "in the

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Footsteps on the Path of Joy


I've been moving through some big breakthroughs, these past few weeks. How 'bout you? I'm leaning in to what works for me  (See Getting Your Groove Back-Time Tested Tricks, Tools and Totems) It's been week of big reflections in my world that have made it really apparent that even when things look good, I'm not there to enjoy them. I'm so focused on what I need to do to be successful in the future, that I am virtually MISSING my NOW. Freedom (c) 2013 Claire Sierra, MA I'm so busy trying to get to some nameless "there" that

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Getting Past “I’ve Got No Time”


Wow, are we half through March already?! Seems just last week we were wishing each other happy New Year and setting intentions. So how’s that going? Do you even recall what your intention was?  I’ve been talking to many people who had big new ideas for 2013 that stalled lately. You?  Seems we are dealing with residual clean up from the expansion (or whatever) of 2012. Surprise: something new to meet and love! Lately I’ve been enjoying the medicine of taking small steps everyday, to balance my propensity for thinking so big and having so much to do, that  I

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3 Simple Secrets to Re-Balance from Burnout


BlissBreak Virtual Retreat (teleconference class) in May was amazing, a great group gathered together in a virtual retreat center (aka their home or office). We discussed signs and symptoms of burnout so you can catch it before it gets out of control. I also shared 3 tools to re-balance burnout, overwhelm and fatigue. Turns out these are at our ready reach and all we need to do is apply them. Let me fill you in on the basics. 1.      Drink more water. Often the mid-afternoon energy drop and sugar craving is really dehydration – get more H2O and feel refreshed.

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Recovery From Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: It Just Got Easier Than Ever


Summer is humming right along…how did it get to be July already?! I just got back from an amazing training and I’m thrilled about sharing what I do with you in some new and easy ways. I really want to get to the heart of what’s causing your burnout, overwhelm exhaustion, so that you can get to living your Bliss.Lately, I’m hearing lots of questions about Compassion Fatigue, and what to do about it. I know that when our inner vision, desires and dreams are not lined up with our day-jobs (even self-created ones, like mine), our sense of living

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Starting the Shift in 2012


I love retreat and renewal at the turn of the year. This dark inward time really inspires me to journey and reflect on what just passed, and vision about what lies ahead. So a week or so ago, I gathered together a roomful of women, lovely professionals from the education, healthcare and hospitality industry into a gorgeous log and stone Northwest lodge overlooking the Rogue River. The day was mostly clear  and we sat around a great stone fireplace for Shift 2012 Retreat, sipping tea and taking turning by the hearth. (Snow stormed warded off--intention setting in action!) Whenever I

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