Maybe You Forget, Sister. I Do.


“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” -- Hafiz. This quote pierces my heart, reminding me why I do what I do -- guiding women to empowerment through your Divine Connection, accessing the Priestess within--its so easy to forget! And it's not frivolous or self indulgent, here's why: Creating a real time clear connection with a trusted source of wisdom (divine guide, higher self, Mary, Jesus, who/how ever you want to think of it) makes the complexity and drama of life so much simpler. Such clarity,

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Fruitfully Fallow, Go Deep


In the pre-Christian traditions of Europe, this time of year was always honored as the season of harvest and gratitude. In the ancient Celtic calendar,  we first had Samhain (pronounced Saw-when...go figure.) This festival got repurposed as Hallowe'en along with All Souls and All Saints days in the Christian tradition.  It's  time known for the veils to the spirit world being thinnest. (Why else would people dress like ghosts, goblins and witches?) Our desire to meditate and be quiet grows after a long season of summer. Feelings and intuitions rise. After the harvest, the fields are fallow. Not much happening,

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Paint Your Soul Free


Since returning from pilgrimage to the south of France, where I've reconnected with the deeper heart, soul and mystery that underlies The Magdalene Path. (I'm getting ready to share more details soon.) I'm writing lots and feeling creative bursts. I've been clearing out my studio; rediscovering old art motifs and finding new ones. A creative urge is moving through me. Slow and quiet but insistent. Are you  feeling it too? As we realize the damage done by operating in hyper-masculine mode--the only path to achieve success in our culture--our Feminine Soul, and all it's juicy sensuality and creativity revives. Like

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How to Find Ease, Grace and Flow


I'll admit it, this year started off strangely for me. After last year, maybe no surprise. (You too?) I generally spend copious amounts of time reviewing my previous year (harvesting the blessings, insights and challenges) to guide  my intended direction going forward. Yet for the longest time I had no inspiration or vision for this year: more on-line classes, virtual retreats, in person events? Nothing. For a creative-manifestor like me this was off. So I did the obvious: rested, reflected and let it go. It was challenging at first, but as I ceased pushing and forcing, I also stopped worrying

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Dare to Weave Your Magic?


We're Banishing What Would Otherwise Overtake Us  I've been re-immersed in the sacred creativity practice of Consecreation from The Magdalene Path. As I guided participants in the Magdalene Path Course through the practice, I realized a connection. I’m so moved right now by the changing of the seasons. It’s All Hallows Eve, AKA Halloween or Samhain--All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days in the Christian tradition. It’s a potent time and a sacred place at our wheel of the year. The season of  Harvest is put to rest and we turn inward. As the leaves turn, change and fall, we deepen

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Your Soul’s Authentic, Exquisite Creativity Revealed


Autumn is here and with it that realization—with shock or relief--that much of 2017 is behind us.   And as the leaves turn, change and fall, there’s that sense (all year, really) of so much breaking down and changing all around us. It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? We’ve been surrounded with news of fires (nearby and far) along with other horrendous human and natural calamities. Some moments its felt as if all I’ve held previous is shattering. Other moments are filled with hope and awe for humanity and our courage and daring to not submit to forces that would

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Calling My Magdalene Sisters


Beloved... A friend dropped in unexpectedly yesterday. She lives 2 hours away and showed up unannounced. She leaned in and said, ”I saw your pictures from Avalon. I want to hear about your trip. Tell me.” She practically cornered me and asked, “And what about Mary Magdalene? How does she hold missing pieces for us as women today? I know there’s more to the tale we’re told….” We talked for another hour. Or two. I shared what I knew, felt, sensed and experienced about Magdalene and Her myths, messages and meaning for modern women. And she was on her way.

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What’s Next for YOU? {feedback needed}


It’s been a while, and not because I’m ignoring or avoiding you. 2017 is a big year already—can you feel it?  We're rounding the end of the first quarter and spring is afoot. Whether you hate it or love it, changes are happening. The women’s marches in January were the largest gatherings EVER. Peaceful and positive, they catalyzed  a massive wave of civic engagement! Women are more activated and inspired than ever--we're ignited. Such practical expressions of the Sacred Feminine awakening in action. So many women (and men) are sensing that this is the year to step up and make

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Celebrate Self-Love…In Sisterhood!


Its Valentine's Day later this week and the interwebs are full of hearts, cupids, and roses. I'm not that cliche, but I've been remiss to share with you an opportunity for authentic love. It kind of snuck up on me. Often we think of romantic love at this time of year. But not all of us have partners so it can be sad or lonely for some. So when I scheduled the Sisterhood Suppers for this year, I consciously chose this Thursday, February 15 for the first event of 2018. Last year's events were potent and sweet. I'm looking forward

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Thrown Off by the Elections?


Did Last Week Knock You Off The Fence? I'm checking in with you... wondering if you have been having a difficult time lately. Lots of us were.  It could be impacting your ability to take care of yourself. With so much uncertainty in the world right now, maybe you notice having trouble making decisions about moving forward in your life--in general. And your decision about Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women. I'm guessing that you may be sorting out family responsibilities, personal obligations or figuring out your finances. Maybe you’ve been up been “on the

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