Insider Update: Shadow Dancing To A New Way


I haven’t beamed in here much lately and I feel a twinge of remorse. But here's why: I’ve been in a deep soul clearing. a shadow sabbatical of sorts. After a long Winter (skipping Spring) Summer is here and I thought it would be useful to share with you a bit of what's been going on behind the scenes. It’s been a long, quiet, dark season for me. But now, the stars and the energy is shifting. Change is in the air. I was invited into a new way of Being this year. While it was willing, it wasn't chosen.

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A Christianity We’ve Never Fully Tried


Growing up Catholic, Good Friday always seemed to be named wrong. (I mean, what was so good about a crucifixion, except a day off from school?!) I've strayed from that path, but I've always been drawn to deeper story not always told. The hidden wisdom traditions. Even before I received guidance and "met" Mary Magdalene in meditation her real story was compelling to me. Ok, obsession. In the Christian Gospels we see her prominently in the Easter story, and yet her importance has been downplayed. Her story corrupted. But her time has come. As I've deepened into the mysteries of

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Alchemy in Motion Together


There’s something about hundreds of hours in a car that makes my mind go flat line. Maybe it was road rash. Now that I’m fully back from our month long road trip to the Southwest US, I thought I’d share a glimpse. It wasn’t all ideal—like any trip there were initiations and dark nights of soul—but some cool shifts and practices emerged that I thought I’d share. So many things I expected fell away. Working? Nearly non-existent internet access. Contemplation or planning? My soul's unwillingness to focus. I was unable to have deep or worrisome thoughts.(A welcome respite.) But

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Surrendering to Now


Lately it’s obvious (though I’ve been thinking this for a while:) What if we stopped fighting “what is,” the near-constant struggle to fix and change life in 2021, our covid-tainted intensity, uncertainty, and strife? What if we are missing the point of all it? (Remember the Great Reset? Did we get it?) What if there are (even more) blessings, as-yet unacknowledged and unreceived in our absent attention? What if there’s a better way to live that’s trying to peek through? Instead of fighting, can you let that in? Lately I’m knowing that pushing and driving mostly no longer works. Consistent

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Finding Solace and Hope


Life has been very interesting lately and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I wrote this before a recent retreat, but neglected to hit "send." I love the journey inward of Autumn. Patterns that have been challenging in the past--things we thought we completed--seem to be back and highlighted. (Oh goody?) Recent cycles have made patterns and habits that are outmoded and worn out impossibly maddeningly clear. I took a sabbatical week (Is that even a thing??) and made a nest in my bedroom so that I could rest, reflect and re-balance. I dug into soul care and

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What’s Next for YOU? {feedback needed}


It’s been a while, and not because I’m ignoring or avoiding you. 2017 is a big year already—can you feel it?  We're rounding the end of the first quarter and spring is afoot. Whether you hate it or love it, changes are happening. The women’s marches in January were the largest gatherings EVER. Peaceful and positive, they catalyzed  a massive wave of civic engagement! Women are more activated and inspired than ever--we're ignited. Such practical expressions of the Sacred Feminine awakening in action. So many women (and men) are sensing that this is the year to step up and make

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Meeting What No Longer Works…With Love


This is a vulnerable share, but direly needed. Last year, (2017) was challenging for many (myself included.) It was a big year for women: starting with  #WomensMarch (the largest-ever citizen’s march in the  US) And ended with the startling, overwhelming and freeing revelations of #MeToo. We’re in a time of revisioning, reexamining, removing structures and systems that seemed inpenetrably solid and stable (whether we like them or not.)  Some of it, like patriarchal conditioning and socially sanctioned abuse of women, has sparked a massive shift in consciousness. Other parts are heartbreaking, with our seeming inability as a people to mobilize

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Foster Deep Reflection: Review Your Year


We’re at that trough of the year. This year has been one of challenge and setbacks for many. Transitions taking WAAAY too long. Great miracles and breakthroughs too. Regardless of what your year’s theme has been, as we turn the wheel of the year, it’s time to regroup. Call forth a new version of yourself into being, as the old one clearly does not fit any more. Maybe the adjustment is slight but potent, maybe it’s huge. That’s your call. As we slide into the deep darkness of winter we're surrounded by celebrations of returning light at Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah

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The Goddess Coloring Book Kit


Sometimes we need a little help to get our creative juices flowing. (I know I do!) So to aid you (or a loved one), I created a coloring book for grown-ups: 22 Feminine Soul images fresh from the pages of my sketchbooks. Coloring is mind-neutral, easy, and relaxing. Research shows it reduces anxiety and creates clarity and peace.  It allows you to create and daydream, use color, shape and form, without having to fill the blank page yourself! Ah, simplicity! These images are designed with ample space for you to play and express yourself. Color outside the lines, add your

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It’s Now or Never Time


Happy Holy Days, Dear One It's snowing outside and the halls are decked. The season is upon us. With so much beauty surrounding us, what possibly could I have to add to that mix? I wanted to offer you a little something special and make it easy for you. Then I realized: THE GODDESS COLORING BOOK! I've been so quiet about this little gem, I didn't even offer it on my website for the first 2 years I sold it. Silly, huh? So I put together a creativity kit for someone you love. (Maybe that's yourself?) Scroll down and see

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