Calling My Magdalene Sisters


Beloved... A friend dropped in unexpectedly yesterday. She lives 2 hours away and showed up unannounced. She leaned in and said, ”I saw your pictures from Avalon. I want to hear about your trip. Tell me.” She practically cornered me and asked, “And what about Mary Magdalene? How does she hold missing pieces for us as women today? I know there’s more to the tale we’re told….” We talked for another hour. Or two. I shared what I knew, felt, sensed and experienced about Magdalene and Her myths, messages and meaning for modern women. And she was on her way.

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Time to Step Out & Offer More of Who You REALLY Are


Lately I've talked with several colleagues who feel called to shift their work in big or subtle ways. See if any of this sounds familiar: One talented acupuncturist knew what she wanted to be doing, but wasn't taking action. There were lots of conflicting opinions swimming in her head. Once we addressed the internal confusion/conflict at the root, all kinds of purposeful action happened. A multi-passionate therapist I know is feeling called to something bigger inside her. She isn't clear of the details, but knows what she's doing isn't reflecting all of who she really is and what she offers.

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What’s Next for YOU? {feedback needed}


It’s been a while, and not because I’m ignoring or avoiding you. 2017 is a big year already—can you feel it?  We're rounding the end of the first quarter and spring is afoot. Whether you hate it or love it, changes are happening. The women’s marches in January were the largest gatherings EVER. Peaceful and positive, they catalyzed  a massive wave of civic engagement! Women are more activated and inspired than ever--we're ignited. Such practical expressions of the Sacred Feminine awakening in action. So many women (and men) are sensing that this is the year to step up and make

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Meeting What No Longer Works…With Love


This is a vulnerable share, but direly needed. Last year, (2017) was challenging for many (myself included.) It was a big year for women: starting with  #WomensMarch (the largest-ever citizen’s march in the  US) And ended with the startling, overwhelming and freeing revelations of #MeToo. We’re in a time of revisioning, reexamining, removing structures and systems that seemed inpenetrably solid and stable (whether we like them or not.)  Some of it, like patriarchal conditioning and socially sanctioned abuse of women, has sparked a massive shift in consciousness. Other parts are heartbreaking, with our seeming inability as a people to mobilize

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The Goddess Coloring Book Kit


Sometimes we need a little help to get our creative juices flowing. (I know I do!) So to aid you (or a loved one), I created a coloring book for grown-ups: 22 Feminine Soul images fresh from the pages of my sketchbooks. Coloring is mind-neutral, easy, and relaxing. Research shows it reduces anxiety and creates clarity and peace.  It allows you to create and daydream, use color, shape and form, without having to fill the blank page yourself! Ah, simplicity! These images are designed with ample space for you to play and express yourself. Color outside the lines, add your

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It’s Now or Never Time


Happy Holy Days, Dear One It's snowing outside and the halls are decked. The season is upon us. With so much beauty surrounding us, what possibly could I have to add to that mix? I wanted to offer you a little something special and make it easy for you. Then I realized: THE GODDESS COLORING BOOK! I've been so quiet about this little gem, I didn't even offer it on my website for the first 2 years I sold it. Silly, huh? So I put together a creativity kit for someone you love. (Maybe that's yourself?) Scroll down and see

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Healing Temple Retreat Comes to the Columbia River Gorge


Do you need a real day off? …to step off the wheel, and find deep peace within yourself, that can be accessed privately, within the presence of other women? And receive a variety of healing treatments and be guided through a process of deep replenishment? How would you feel, to have a lot of silence, as well as space where you can talk about the deep and the real, without being chatty? What would it be, to enter a space where it's not about being a parent, a spouse, a public figure, an employer/employee... but about being a woman, and what it is

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Great Loss? Or Gain?


As we sit at the Summer Solstice I'm feeling blessed, after co-leading a delicious ritual workshop, so I wanted to share some Soul food from The Magdalene Path that might be relevant for you right now. I've got a super special announcement--look for that in a day or two. Until then, here's an excerpt from Chapter 3, The Path of The Divine Feminine, and a Practice to take it into your life. Great Loss Mary Magdalene says, "With the loss of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine lost his partner/consort. He lost his balance and his Self in the Divine deism

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This Might Be You? (or Someone You Know?)


I Don't Usually Talk About This, But.... Wow, last week brought synchronicity with several of completions that made me realize something. I’m pretty awed by what I heard, which inspired me to share. These women are awesome, and yet what they were struggling with was anything but. And they are not alone. I've been there, maybe you or someone you know has too. As we paused at the end of her coaching series, one client who just left a 30 year relationship shared this: “I felt like a child in my newly single life. I was lost, confused, afraid and

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Close the Gap between where you are and who you want to be


Ah…. May Day, Cinco de Mayo and the energy of Beltane—the Rites of Spring are upon us The potent energies of the celestial realm are less intense, (with Grand Cross, eclipses and New Moon just passed), but we are still feeling the effects. And we will for some time, as the Big Shift is underway. Are you feeling the urge of your dreams and callings? Wanting to right what feels amiss? Life is moving in fits and stops. Release whatever is not working, no longer serving you--even if it is something good that’s been a precious idea. Trust that there

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