Nourishment In A Hard Time: A Pause


How did we go from Happy New Year to terrorist uprising/white privilege temper tantrum at the US Capitol... all in a week? The toxic masculine is hanging on to the patriarchal systems we’ve seen for years. Do you feel battered or overwhelmed by Current Events? Resilience is needed! And a wee timing adjustment, flowing & adapting to this moment. (Read on below.) If you’re feeling wobbly with political unrest unfolding in the US, on top of unrelenting embittered pandemic news.... I hear you. It's intense if you "go there." We know we are in a sea change, but we are

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What Is The Divine Feminine, And Why Is It Important?


Lately I’m so aware that globally (and even in this fine land) most women still don’t feel safe and sacred in daily life. Things are better in the western world—if you’re a white woman—but for others here and around the planet, the state of being female is abysmal. In some lands, it's close to slavery. You think I exaggerate? Imagine spending 7 to 18 hours a day (!!) on life activities like gathering water and wood for cooking over fire, then cleaning up without running water. Exhausting! Imagine needing your husband’s (or father’s) permission to go outside or talk to another

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Drop Deeper into Summer Soul Surrender


Oh, sweet summertime bliss! The garden of our life is coming into full ripeness now. As we edge towards Summer Solstice later this month everything seems to be in bloom, in and around us. Midsummer is a great time to pause in the busyness of it all and observe.... What is full, ripe and overflowing? Where are you experiencing abundance? Sister, Summer is meant to be a season of celebration and rejoicing. If you find yourself too busy to give yourself this, relax. It's easier together. Gathering in sisterhood is a huge source of strength, it's where our magic

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Avalon Revisited: Magdalene Remembered


Amazing. A year ago I went on a pilgrimage, to a mythical place—Avalon. I’ve had a strong spiritual connection there, even before writing The Magdalene Path and discovering Mary Magdalene had traveled there, (you can read more about that HERE) We traveled to ancient sacred sites--Christian and pagan—holy places for eons and entered a deep alchemical space, full of myth metaphor, ritual and magic. The light and energy we conjured was palpable. (And still is!) To say it was amazing is an understatement. Our intention was to awaken the Avalon lineage. Activating the inner marriage of Christ consciousness—for women, the

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Reclaiming the Priestess Within


Lately its all about releasing and receiving to harness the new energy that's present now. Equinox started us off, then Easter, and May Day (Mary Day or Beltane to some) continues this path of re-balancing inside and out with the forces of Spring. At Temple Sophia last month, 22 women (!!) launched a new red tent-type gathering in the parlor of the Balch Hotel, in circle to explore new life bursting forth, and how that's emerging in their lives. I was in awe. I saw deep, strong, creative, resourceful women, tired of being frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. Hungering for self-care, a

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Temple Time Returns


We sat in  hushed silence, 22 women (yes!!) centering together  in the luscious garnet parlor of the Balch Hotel. The fragrance of rose mist and daffodils infused our circle, as we stretched comfortably into the space. Gathering in Temple Sophia, I was in awe of who showed up and what they shared. Deep, strong, creative, resourceful women; hungry for self-care, connection with like-minded sisters, tired of being  exhausted and overwhelmed. Looking for a deeper connection with self, Source, Soul and sisters. Sacred Mystery and Goddess. Drinking the Nectar of Feminine Mysteries I had a profound sense of arriving on a

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Calling My Magdalene Sisters


Beloved... A friend dropped in unexpectedly yesterday. She lives 2 hours away and showed up unannounced. She leaned in and said, ”I saw your pictures from Avalon. I want to hear about your trip. Tell me.” She practically cornered me and asked, “And what about Mary Magdalene? How does she hold missing pieces for us as women today? I know there’s more to the tale we’re told….” We talked for another hour. Or two. I shared what I knew, felt, sensed and experienced about Magdalene and Her myths, messages and meaning for modern women. And she was on her way.

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