Listening to Feminine Soul Even When…


How are you with changing habits and patterns, beloved? It's a hallmark of way makers, change catalysts, entrepreneurs and new paradigm lovers. Moving in the mystery, flowing with inspiration, pausing when it's quiet. For me its about backing off the masculine success patterns I've been so good at (yet don't always serve me) to follow the flow of divine feminine inspiration & grace to beget action. It's a dance: the balance of masculine do and feminine be/receive. (interested in this topic? There's more here.) To truly live, love and lead in a Feminine Soul centered business (and life), it's all

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The Goddess Coloring Book Kit


Sometimes we need a little help to get our creative juices flowing. (I know I do!) So to aid you (or a loved one), I created a coloring book for grown-ups: 22 Feminine Soul images fresh from the pages of my sketchbooks. Coloring is mind-neutral, easy, and relaxing. Research shows it reduces anxiety and creates clarity and peace.  It allows you to create and daydream, use color, shape and form, without having to fill the blank page yourself! Ah, simplicity! These images are designed with ample space for you to play and express yourself. Color outside the lines, add your

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It’s Now or Never Time


Happy Holy Days, Dear One It's snowing outside and the halls are decked. The season is upon us. With so much beauty surrounding us, what possibly could I have to add to that mix? I wanted to offer you a little something special and make it easy for you. Then I realized: THE GODDESS COLORING BOOK! I've been so quiet about this little gem, I didn't even offer it on my website for the first 2 years I sold it. Silly, huh? So I put together a creativity kit for someone you love. (Maybe that's yourself?) Scroll down and see

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A Honest Moment


A few months ago I gathered a circle of women in my local area who were hungry for more meaning, connection, creativity and sacred space at SisterSoul Salon. (I offered this only to those of you on my local list, so if you didn't see this, that's why.) it was a big hit--lI even added a second gathering to accommodate everyone.The  ladies loved it, It was clear that they wanted more: they told me so!  But I wasn't ready to hear it. (I had a new juicy program to offer and I was excited about it.) I was so intent

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Mortgaging Your Present for Future Joy?


Wow, it’s been a wild ride since the middle of the month, huh? Many of us sense that we are really at a tipping point. We just entered a New Moon. It is becoming more clear where we are in alignment with our soul-selves and our purpose, and where we are not. And guess what? All the stuff that is challenging right now? Too much on your plate? Not in alignment.  Is your life looking like a bad dream, or someone else’s idea of an ideal life? (Not bad, but not spectacular, either?) I know how that happens! I’ve been

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Art As A Spiritual Practice in Grants Pass!


Hello Lovelies~ Since you're in Oregon, we’ve got an opportunity to shift and expand your creative thinking, to activate your muse and rejuvenate your weary soul. Get your creative sparks ignited in an evening of art and performance: music, poetry, movies and more. Then the next day dive into a day-long workshop designed to cross a threshold into your own deep wisdom. Come to one or both! Friday, March 14,  6:30-9 pm PT The Word, The Image, The Story--Evening of Art/Performance with Jan Phillips and Claire Sierra An evening immersion in creativity -- a book signing with film, art, photography,

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Surrendering to Winter Bliss


Winter is full on in the Pacific Northwest. Its snowing! This dramatic energy shift inspired an article for you about surrendering to the energy of the season and enjoying the blissings that come from winter's cold dark depths. Some years that's been a challenge for me, so I added an excerpt below, from The Magdalene Path, a short but potent activity to deepen and enhance your winter experience. And yes, the book is available for you, just in time for holiday gift giving! I figured your inbox was flooded with emails extolling the virtues of Gratitude, so figured I'd give

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Beyond Burnout to Bliss Breakthrough Workshop


3 Keys to Reclaim your Feminine Mojo and Get Your Life Back Exciting news! I'm traveling to Portlandia to link up with some fabulous women for an evening workshop. If you are local to PDX, I definitely want to see you! It is going to be short, sweet and fabulous. Please, if you can, spread the word.... So many women are successful on the outside, but struggling inside. Life is on overwhelm with exhaustion and stress at epidemic levels. For some this looks like depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout...for others it's a vague (but strong) knowing that something's not

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Welcoming 2012 Retreat


 January 15, 2012 10 a.m.-4 p.m.  in Grants Pass, Oregon   "The world will be changed by Western Women" H.H. the Dalai Lama   As this intense year ends, another one begins. Many are feeling called inward during this deep season of reflection and renewal. Women everywhere are feeling called to create change in our lives. We feel compelled by the words of the Dalai Lama and yet confused as to how that applies to us. No longer are we satisfied with feeling exhausted, stressed, burned out and depressed by conditions in our lives that seem too big to change.

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Awe of October


Sh…don’t say it: end of summer. I resisted it for so long: stamped my feet, pounded my fists, plugged my ears. I would not hear it. Then this week, voila, its here and I love it: Autumn. The air is cooler, the light is clearer, sparkling.   I’m out of resistance. I’m in awe of Autumn. It tricks me into loving it every time. It takes me a while to warm up to it, I’m not ready to let go at Labor Day or Back to School.   With my Divine Feminine book in the capable hands of my editor,

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