Message & Meaning of Notre Dame Fire


In my last article I promised to share a Divine Download I received after the great Notre Dame de Paris fire tragedy. As a sacred place consecrated to Our Lady, the connection to Mary and Magdalene is palpable. I grieved at the loss of this great temple to the Divine Feminine. Yet I reminded myself, it was NOT that, it's bound by the patriarchal church authority. Both/and. As I wrote previously, Notre Dame was built on an ancient goddess site--as many cathedrals and holy places are. Most assume “Our Lady” to be the Blessed Mother Mary, but in fact,

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Sisterhood Supper Changes


Sister, Some times things are moving so fast, I’m not sure what I’ve shared. But these changes I want you to know about. Sisterhood Supper was created as a space for open ended dialogue and connection among women. A chance to meet other women in our community, from near and far. It’s been great fun, for the most part. But truthfully, sometimes it’s missed the mark for me. Other times it’s so rich and soul nourishing--the women who come get great value. I’ve been wondering how to amplify that. I’ve been feeling that Sisterhood Supper needs a re-boot. A more

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Something New Is Whispering


  I love June. It's my birthday month and Solstice is next week. Summer is almost upon us. Can you believe it? Since life tends to get busy with activities--making hay while the sun shines and all ;0--I wanted to share a few on the horizon, so you don't miss out. It's easy to forget our own needs and get  drawn into things. One of the things I love about both Temple Sophia Women's Circle, and Sisterhood Suppers is 2 very different experiences to unpack and explore what's happening in our lives, inside and out. Many women "speak ourselves into

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Beauty & Grace of Loss


Goddess, Last article I shared about harnessing the energy that's present now to rebalance inside and out with the forces of Equinox. It's still relevant with the energy of Easter. And with May Day (Beltane, Mary Day...) just ahead. Spring is really here, so in our recent Temple Sophia gathering last week, 20 women (yes!!) sat in our red tent circle. We explored new life bursting forth, and shared the beginnings of something new emerging in their lives. I had a profound sense of arriving on a long path to share this moment together. I felt confirmation on so many

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Confessions of a Modern Day Priestess


When I was 29 I was invited to a women’s Celtic spirituality weekend. It was a wooded enclave, in misty and mossy rural New England. We slept in tents and tepees and drank mint tea. One night, under the light of the full moon in May (yes, it was Beltane) I was initiated as a priestess. I was given the name Magdalena—which I now know as a title as much as a name. It was totally unexpected and magical, like an old memory re-surface. And I had no idea what  that meant. For years I carried that mantle of priestess secretly—mostly

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Calling My Magdalene Sisters


Beloved... A friend dropped in unexpectedly yesterday. She lives 2 hours away and showed up unannounced. She leaned in and said, ”I saw your pictures from Avalon. I want to hear about your trip. Tell me.” She practically cornered me and asked, “And what about Mary Magdalene? How does she hold missing pieces for us as women today? I know there’s more to the tale we’re told….” We talked for another hour. Or two. I shared what I knew, felt, sensed and experienced about Magdalene and Her myths, messages and meaning for modern women. And she was on her way.

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Magdalene Mysteries Virtual Retreat {Replay}


Sister ! I'm so excited! On Saturday, 13 of us gathered via video and phone to create virtual temple space together and explore the hidden lore and largely forgotten spiritual wisdom of Magdalene, on her Holy Feast Day. Here's the replay I promised, so you can enter the Temple of She. I outted my inner perfectionist and dared to do it anyway.  And imperfect it is! Join us and discover who Mary Magdalene really is, and what her message is for you. (Whether you’re Christian or not, she’s relevant now.) If you’re drawn to the mystery of the Magdalene or

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What’s Really Needed to Uplevel Your Work & Live Your Calling


Re-Aligning with Your Desire: Inside & Out Sometimes even the most inspired and aligned plans go awry. The distraction of the holiday weekend didn't allow time to adequately absorb and consider this mastermind group. So I've decided to put of the start date. Let me know if you have questions and we'll see if it's a fit for where you're at. I'm excited to work with those who jumped up and said YES, and I've got a few more spots if you're feeling moved. Bringing a Dream into Reality Maybe you're like a talented (& popular) acupuncturist I know. She

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Time to Step Out & Offer More of Who You REALLY Are


Lately I've talked with several colleagues who feel called to shift their work in big or subtle ways. See if any of this sounds familiar: One talented acupuncturist knew what she wanted to be doing, but wasn't taking action. There were lots of conflicting opinions swimming in her head. Once we addressed the internal confusion/conflict at the root, all kinds of purposeful action happened. A multi-passionate therapist I know is feeling called to something bigger inside her. She isn't clear of the details, but knows what she's doing isn't reflecting all of who she really is and what she offers.

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Something Bigger Calling to You?


Bringing a vision or dream to the marketplace takes more input and energy than we can sometimes muster on our own. It requires a careful balance of Masculine-style action (doing) with Feminine receptivity and allowing (being) to manifest our vision. Too much of the former leads to to exhaustion or burn-out, while too much of the latter leads to time passing with nothing happening. It takes finesse. Or it creates a unique kind of depression or anxiety. Confusion, illness, boredom, too. Most people somehow assume they "should" be able to manifest their soul gifts on their own, when, if you really

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