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You’re Yearning To Write (or Create) Aren’t You?

You have a dream or desire to write an inspiring book,  pen your spiritual memoir, finish a painting,  craft an article series, journal aimlessly, watercolor cards, or finish your doctoral dissertation.

Despite your dream and intention of making time for your creative soul, it’s just not happening.

Creativity needs space and flow–not lists and outlines. 

Discover a different way–writing from your Feminine Soul. Give yourself the gift of time to enter your inner world and allow the words or images to emerge.

After writing and publishing The Magdalene Path (along with countless articles. blogs, and a Master’s thesis) and painting piles of art, I know the stumbling blocks as well as the access portals.  There are some traps to avoid,  AND some tricks, tools and practices that help.

Take time to catch the wave of your feminine, intuitive, creative flow. Express your ideas and inner landscape onto the printed page or canvas. Just like you long to. It can feel so SO GOOD!

You are a creative soul (or want to be) who hungers to:

  • Find the time to get into a flow so that the ideas or images in your head come onto the page or canvas elegantly and smoothly.
  • Unblock your intuition to have clarity about your inspirations.
  • Connect more deeply with your creative muse and its authentic voice/vision.
  • Find the ease, grace and flow of creating from the inspired place that all visions come from.
  • Express the soul of your writing/painting/music, hearing its message more clearly.
  • Feel the support of a creative circle of kindred souls who get your gift & its struggles–and see you to the other side.

Jump-start your creative process. Grant yourself time and space to slow down.

Step into a sacred container, exploring simple practices to create what’s aligned with your vision, address  challenges, have breakthroughs, and enjoy  creating!

Discover ways to avoid a creative block if/when it comes.

No matter where you are in your creative process, you’ll move forward with your project. Whether you’re painting, writing, crafting or making music, the process works!

Gather in a supportive circle of creatives. Experience this container of support to invite real motion in your artistic expression.

Join a virtual day retreat with author and arts psychotherapist Claire Sierra to explore practices that access your inner artist and open  your creative flow.

Here’s what recent members shared:

“I witnessed something really dramatic happen, in a really short time—very impressive.” ~ TL, New York

“Dedicating time to my creative being and passion projects, given all that is happening, has been a big challenge for me. Trying to go solo and “put myself on the calendar” for these projects didn’t work. Writers’ Grove is a brilliant alternative — whether writing or some other mode of creation is the project that is alive for you. Over these months, I have felt a palpable sense of being supported in multiple ways. Claire opens doors to the feminine soul creation-space. I deeply appreciate this supportive gathering as I give birth to the next iteration of my creator’s heart.” ~BJM, New Mexico

“I very much enjoyed the virtual retreat and received much clarification about moving forward with my writing. It was instrumental in shifting me from my ‘stuck’ place…” ~KH, Ontario, Canada

“I’m excited to be with other writers who are writing. The support of the group–just being together doing this–is amazing.”  – KMJ, California

“The Writer’s Grove is giving me a habit of being more creative. Each month it’s a jumpstart to keep me going. Writing is a very solitary process. What’s so different about The Grove is the connection with other creatives.  I love how I’m writing, but not alone. I get sparked in different ways each time.  I get support, connection, and inspiration from others without getting lost in it. It’s the perfect answer to the question I didn’t even know I had: The structure, combined with the sense of community and creativity is a beautiful thing. It feels like being at an artist’s retreat and I look forward to it each month.”   – Celeste H, Oregon

Writer’s Grove Virtual Retreat

Friday, June  25
1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT / 9 pm BST / 10 pm CEST / 6 am AEST (Saturday)
(please check your time zone here!)

3 Hour Virtual Writing Retreat


The Writer’s Grove Membership:

=Paused until September =

Let’s face it, beloved, to bring your creative work into full expression, it will likely take more than one  half day reterat. Imagine a small supportive circle that you can count on attending each month that becomes a creative container for your artistic expression.

Gift yourself the promise of dedicated time to devote to that one thing that’s  been just outside your calendar’s reach. Create connections with other writers and artists who are also doing the work. As you cheer  their progress, they witness and support yours.

To entice you to commit to your creative process we offer you a reduced fee quarterly membership, to join us monthly in the Writer’s Grove.

Join  for the year and guarantee your creative expression  (And Save)
3 sessions for $99 (plus PayPal fee)
SAVE $66–that’s 1 month free!


Please Note:

  • Once you purchase you’ll be redirected to an event page with all the info. Then you’ll receive an email with link and prep details. Please look in spam or Gmail Updates and Promotions folders. They are notoriously routed there. You’ll get reminders, too. Email us if it doesn’t arrive in a day or so. (It’s not well-automated, always.)
  • If you can’t attend live, register anyway, you’ll automatically receive a recording in 24-48 hours.
  • Please note: Sisterhood is huge—and our strength is together. We’re open and inclusive, so men and trans folx are totally welcome, too!
  • In a humble attempt to counter-balance historic economic and social oppression based in systemic racism, BIPOC folk are welcomed with open arms and a 50% scholarship discount to encourage and support Diversity and Inclusivity in our programs. Please email us to request this link.
  • If you’re experiencing financial hardship during this global transition, but feel called to participate, let’s talk. To make a heart centered donation of another amount Email us about your situation and your scholarship request.