Here are options for a gallery:

  1. Replicate manually and add call to action to contact you directly.  I could use Avada Content Boxes and just leave out the icons.  The image would be in the top of the box.
  2. Alternatively, I could use the Portfolio feature  (3-4 hours)
  3. Or Avada has Flip Boxes.  You’ll see some images in the flip boxes if you scroll down.  (3-4 hours)
  4. Use a an Avada Blog Grid.  The meta info (author/date/categories/tags) could be turned off. (3-4 hours)
  5. NextGen Gallery work. might work for you.  Here’s another option: (2-3 hours)
  6. Find other gallery plugin.  (? hours)
  7. Shopping cart.  WooCommerce, the shopping cart I recommend, has a catalog-only option.  A display of “products” would look like but wouldn’t have prices.  Here’s an example of how the product page would look  (3-4 hours)

In all instances, there could be clear instructions to contact you for purchasing information.