Revitalize Your Private Practice

Holistic Healers & Conscious Practitioners Mastermind

Are you frustrated because your work is not what you want it to be?

Do you have a vision that you’ve been unable to bring to the marketplace?

You love your work but let’s face it, it’s not a great reflection of who you really are inside. There’s more to you than you’re showing the world. You’re called to shift your private practice but you’re holding back, playing it safe.

Plus, you enjoy working with clients, but avoid the marketing part and wish they’d just find you. The marketing you put out (if any) doesn’t reflect doesn’t land the results you desire, or attract the right clients.

Are you struggling to bring more of the “real  you” into the work you’re doing?

Get clear about what you want to offer and how to express it to the people you want to reach.

Together, we’ll uncover blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Explore tangible simple steps so you and your work are noticed. Then, communicate what you do, engagingly, so the right people get it and want to work with you!

In Revitalize Your Private Practice Mastermind, you’ll discover:

  • How tapping into the Soul of Your Business can guide you.
  • New clarity about what you really offer (that separates you from the “competition”) and who your ideal clients are, so you to stand out in a sea of practitioners.
  • Refreshing ways to talk about your work, in marketing messaging and networking situations.
  • Marketing strategies that feel aligned with who you are, instead of what you’ve been told you should do.
  • How to spot when you unconsciously block yourself from doing more satisfying soul-aligned work.
  • Tools to shift your mindset, release limiting beliefs and charge what you’re worth.
  • Concrete, practical action steps and accountability that are aligned and keep you moving forward.

Stop going it alone.

Being a solo practitioner can be lonely. With so many responsibilities that all fall on you, it’s no wonder it’s hard to create the change you desire.

Join a confidential circle of supportive collaboration with other conscious, spirit-centered practitioners. Monthly mastermind meetings (date/time/location to be determined by participants) led by an experienced practitioner and entrepreneur.

Each month, we’ll meet and you’ll have accountability and support to focus on your external business goals and projects as well as tools and perspectives that address internal challenges, to keep you moving ahead when you get stuck.

You’ll also receive recommendations, resources, tools and feedback from an experienced guide and tap the collective wisdom of other practitioner-entrepreneurs in the group.

Plus you’ll join a community of like-minded practitioners who, understanding your vision, intention and challenges, support you in creating the practice of your dreams.

….Meets monthly in Hood River, The Dalles or Dufur.

Next Group Series Beginning Fall 2018.
Dates and location to be determined by participants.
Inquire for details.

Monthly meetings (2 hours): $88.
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Group ($88 value) PLUS private coaching ($150 value) to focus on your challenge areas: $198/month
(includes Mastermind + 60 minutes of coaching)
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Who is Claire?
Claire Sierra, MA, LFT,
is the author of The Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul ©. An Arts Therapist and True Purpose™ Master Coach, Claire has guided thousands of women who feel lost & confused, to connect to their divine guidance for clarity & confidence about their true path. She’s led soul-centered creativity retreats and private sessions for over 2 decades.  She and her husband own the Balch Hotel, a boutique destination retreat in the Columbia River Gorge. For free resources to guide your path, go to: