“Brava to Claire Sierra for her brave and honest work on The Magdalene PathI am proud to call her my sister on the journey!”
~Kathleen McGowan, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Expected One, The Book of Love, The Poet Prince and others

The Magdalene Path is a powerful exploration into the process of awakening your hidden power as a woman. Rooted in the wisdom of Mary Magdalene, this guidebook of Feminine Soul offers compelling ideas and skills you can bring into your daily life.

In addition to inspiring Divine downloads about how to create a life aligned with your Feminine Soul, there are 24 tools and practices, so you can take this wisdom into your life in a meaningful,, practical way!

Women and men from all walks of life and spiritual traditions have shared how much this guidebook of Feminine Wisdom has touched their lives!

Readers have shared:

“I have waited lifetimes for the writings in your book. The whole of me is so congruent with each line of text, from the deep knowing of my soul to the questioning of my ego. It’s hard to put down and gives me much to look forward to. Good work! Namaste, sister!”
~ Karri G., Applegate, OR

I am totally blown away! I literally could not put it down….I have no doubt that there is a sisterhood arising and The Magdalene Path holds crucial pieces to a much bigger picture that we are all co-creating together.” ~ Bobbye M., Chicago, IL

“Throughout the years I have been infatuated with books on Mary Magdalene—I’ve read them all—so when I had the opportunity to preview Claire’s book, The Magdalene Path, I instantly felt the authenticity of this material.  This is the REAL deal….”
~ Judy T., Grants Pass, OR

Why not treat yourself to a copy of this inspirational book that is a divine download from spirit, designed to activate women in the beauty and power of our innate Feminine wisdom?

When you buy directly from the author (moi!) you get a personalized inscription, signed by the author…and a whole bunch of other bonuses….Here’s something extra-lovely to make it an easy YES. (And once you’ve read your copy, perhaps you’ll want to send a copy to your loved ones.)

The Magdalene Path Book Bundle


The Magdalene Path book, softcover, 243 pages. $17.99 valuepersonally inscribed for you by the author

In The Magdalene Path, Claire Sierra shares her inspiring connection with Mary Magdalene as a source of guidance for all. She reveals the meaning of the Divine Feminine awakening for women today, as a means to shift and uplevel our lives.

The Magdalene Path is a guidebook of compelling ideas, skills and practices to bring your Feminine Soul into daily life. With a balanced expression of Feminine and Masculine you can weave your life and our world back into the wholeness you long for.

Plus Bonuses!

The Goddess Coloring Book– a 22 page downloadable PDF e-book that can be printed as many times as your coloring heart desires! (Yummy creative gift!) $9.99 value

The Magdalene Path Practices – a 44 page downloadable PDF workbook of all the skills and tools from the book—all 24 in one spot. $4.99 value

Wait! There’s More:

A gorgeous Gift Card featuring the original painting from the cover of The Magdalene Path, signed by the author, with your name and message, plus details to access these bonuses. $4.99 value

Hand decorated mailing envelope $10.00 value

Shipping and Handling: (U.S. ONLY**) $5.00

Total Value: $52.99

Your Book Bundle Price: $24.99

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