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You’re Yearning To Write And Yet…

…It’s not quite flowing as fluidly as you hoped. You have a dream or desire to write an inspiring book,  pen that quirky memoir, polish your poetry chapbook, or finish your doctoral dissertation.

But your heart isn’t totally in it, is it?

All those visions you have of being secreted away in a scenic writer’s garret gazing off into your imagination, is just not panning out in day-to-day reality with a spouse, work, kids, and… a global pandemic. With so much distraction--no surprise you’ve no time to think and write!

Writing takes time and space to wander into your inner landscape and allow the words to emerge. Finding the words is not always as easy as it looks, huh?

Whether you’re a fledgling wanna-be author or have an interesting article idea to explore, the process is not always so straightforward and simple.

After writing and publishing The Magdalene Path (plus countless articles, and a Master’s thesis) I know the stumbling blocks are many and varied.

There are some tricks and traps to avoid,  AND some tools and practices that can help.
And firstly, it takes time. Lots of time in your seat, writing. Catching the wave of the writing flow that feels SO GOOD!

So let’s do it!
Express your inner vision onto the printed page. Just like you dreamed of doing.

You might be a writer who hungers to:

  • Unblock your intuition to have clarity about your book or creative project.
  • Find the time to get into a flow so that the ideas in your head come onto the page or canvas elegantly and smoothly.
  • Connect more deeply with your topic, story-line ideas, or characters’ authentic voices.
  • Find the ease, grace and flow of creating from the inspired place that your inspired idea came from.
  • Express the soul of your writing/painting, hearing its voice and progression more clearly.

Gather in a small creatrix circle for a day, to jump-start your writing (or creating) process. Grant yourself time and space to slow down.

Step into a sacred container, using simple practices to create a plan with intention, address the challenges, create a breakthrough and then get into some dedicated time writing! (If you’re using another art form, that works too!)

Explore practices  that access your inner writer. Discover tools to move through a creative block when it inevitably comes. Open to your creative flow.

“I witnessed something really dramatic happen, in a really short time—very impressive.” ~ TL, New York

“I very much enjoyed the virtual retreat and received much clarification about moving forward with my writing. It was also instrumental in shifting me from my ‘stuck’ place…” ~KH, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for your refreshing and spacious teaching, facilitation, and exercises during Friday’s retreat. It’s such a treat to BE held in the space you convened. It was a powerful experience for me, and I sense for others as well. Bows of gratitude. ” ~BJM, New Mexico

Enjoy a virtual day retreat to Write Away with author Claire Sierra on and off line using Zoom. 

Join a supportive circle of kindreds, via video conferencing for learning, exploring & sharing, with loads of time offline devoted to writing and expressing your creative vision.

No matter what is going on in your life or in your writing, join us in this writer’s circle, where you’ll be held and supported to move forward with your creative work.

Write Away Virtual Retreat:

Friday October 23
1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT / 10 pm CEST / 6 am AEST (Saturday)

3 Hour Virtual Writing Retreat

The Writer’s Grove: our monthly writing circle

Join Quarterly: $99

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Please Note:

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  • If you can’t attend live, register anyway, you’ll automatically receive a recording in 24-48 hours.
  • Please note: Sisterhood is huge—and our strength is together. We’re open and inclusive, so men and trans folx are totally welcome, too!
  • If during this global transition you’re experiencing financial hardship, but feel called to participate, let’s talk. To make a heart centered donation of another amount Email Claire with your scholarship request.