Go Deeper Than Fluff & Buff Spa Treatments

Spa and wellness treatments at Bliss at the Balch Spa are deep, rituals of reconnection with your soul self.

Of course, the sessions are rejuvenative and pampering.  (We need that, desperately, at times.) And that’s healing, too.

Yet there’s a deeper level here, that brings you into alignment with your self. It’s not just fluff.

All sessions start with a brief consultation with your esthetician/therapist to determine just the right treatment for you. Personally-selected essential oils and skincare products are customized for your needs.

Whether you are interested in a facial, or body therapies, you’ll clear your mind, soothe your whole body and uplift your spirit–physically and energetically.


Facials here are low tech and high touch. Powerful rituals of reconnection that include deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming (or cool) towels, a purifying or hydrating mask, potent moisturizing and aromatherapy. Pure bliss.

You’ll also receive a regenerative massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté that is restorative and nourishing — certain to transport you to a place of tranquility.

Experience rejuvenation at its best and leave with glowing, deeply nurtured skin.

“I just started a week-long trip. I feel like my AromaTouch Aromatherapy Treatment just cleansed all the stress from home & work, so that now I’m open and clear for the experiences ahead of me.” Darlene R., Roslyn, WA

“I just had my first Gem Facial. I realized that there’s so much tension in my face–I had no idea!  I feel like I had a full-body massage–my whole being is so relaxed. I feel amazing.” Michelle F., Corvallis

“That was amazing. The Reiki session with you was so much more than I anticipated. You’ve really got the touch. So profound. I’ll be back to the Balch just to have another session.” Nicole A., Salem, OR

“I had my first Facial with Claire. I felt I could have laid on her table for 20 hours. Worth every penny. If you’re hesitating, don’t! I’d do it again in a second!” Carolyn P., Portland, OR

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To Schedule your Spa Wellness Session:
email Claire
Text or phone 541.659.7284.

Beyond Facials: Body Therapies

Experience rejuvenative healing for Body, Mind & Soul. Our holistic body treatments complement other healing modalities you might be using. Guests report these sessions reduce or eliminate pain, lower stress, which accelerates healing. Voila!

Indulge in AromaTouch for back-bliss, Reiki for an energy boost, Gem Therapy, Gem-Reiki and AromaTouch Foot Treatments for a stress reset.

Whether you’re local or traveling by, there’s a treatment that’s perfect for what you need.

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Schedule your  Spa Wellness Session:

email Claire
Text or phone: 541.659.7284

Ready for something even more life changing….?

Embody Your Calling & Find Your Bliss: Personal Day Retreats


Embody Your Calling & Find Your Bliss

A full day rejuvenation/restart experience designed to end confusion, angst and despair as you ignite deeper connection to yourself and your divine guidance. You’ll release core challenges blocking your soul alignment and discover deeper clarity about next steps for a more authentic and expressed version the life your heart desires. You can read more HERE