Rituals of Re-connection with Your Soul Self

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Spa wellness treatments at Bliss at the Balch Spa are deeply  rejuvenative and restorative, bringing you into alignment with your authentic Self.

It’s not just fluff–it’s healing.

All sessions start with a brief consultation with your esthetician/therapist to determine just the right treatment for you. Personally-selected essential oils and skincare products are customized for your needs.

Whether you are interested in clarity coaching, a facial, or body therapies, you’ll clear your mind, soothe your whole body and uplift your spirit–physically and energetically. You can see the full menu here.

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Our philosophy about skin care is low tech and high touch,  with exquisite organic, pure products that are results-oriented. These powerful rituals of reconnection are certain to transport you to a place of tranquility.

All sessions include deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming towels, a purifying or hydrating mask, regenerative face, neck & shoulder massage, complementary mini Reiki boost, potent moisturizing and aromatherapy.

Add ons like CBD cleanser and serum, Reiki, aromatherapy or gemstones create exquisite bliss.

Experience rejuvenation at its best and leave with glowing, deeply nurtured skin.

“I just had my first Gem Facial. I feel like I had a full-body massage–my whole being is so relaxed. I realized that there’s so much tension in my face–I had no idea!  I feel amazing.” Michelle F., Corvallis

“I had my first Facial with Claire. I felt I could have laid on her table for 20 hours. Worth every penny. If you’re hesitating… don’t! I’d do it again in a second!”  Carolyn P., Portland, OR

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To Schedule your Spa Wellness Session:
email Claire
Text or phone 541.659.7284.

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Body Therapies

Experience restorative healing for Body, Mind & Soul. Our holistic body treatments complement other healing modalities you might be using. Guests report these sessions reduce or eliminate pain, lower stress, which accelerates healing. Voila!

Indulge in AromaTouch for back-bliss, Reiki for an energy boost, Gem-Reiki, AromaTouch, and Reflex Feet Treatments  and more for a stress reset. See details and the full menu here.

Whether you’re local or traveling on, there’s a treatment that’s perfect for what you need. Email or call Claire to discuss options: 541.659.7284

“I just started a week-long trip. I feel like my AromaTouch Aromatherapy Treatment just cleansed all the stress from home & work, so that now I’m open and clear for the experiences ahead of me.” Darlene R., Roslyn, WA

“That was amazing. The Reiki session with you was so much more than I anticipated. You’ve really got the touch. So profound. I’ll be back to the Balch just to have another session.” Nicole A., Salem, OR

See Our Bliss at the Balch Spa Menu HERE

Schedule your  Spa Wellness Session:

Email Claire
Text or phone: 541.659.7284

Ready for something even more life changing….?

The Magdalene Soul Clarity Session 

Part oracle reading, soul purpose coaching, energy healing, body wisdom meditation, and sacred oil anointing–rooted in the ancient temples of the Divine Feminine and the Magdalene Mysteries.

It’s for you if you’re navigating transition: facing challenges or change and looking to stand in a more authentic version of yourself, rooted in the new Divine Feminine paradigm.

Done from the comfort of your home temple–using  Zoom–or in person at the Balch Hotel. 

You’ll be guided to drop within, deeply and safely, tapping into a grounded, expanded experience of your own embodied divine wisdom. You’ll receive clarity about a niggling challenge or confounding question that keeps you from your highest expression and calling.

You’ll receive some nourishing solutions that align with your intention, in order to get back on track and moving forward again in a way that feels free and aligned.

I’ll share practices and processes to embody a deeper daily connection with Feminine Soul, to balance your inner masculine for walking through everyday life.

AND (bonus!) I’m including a 20 minute follow-up call after the session, to check-in and see how you’re doing.

PLUS you get the recording of the session, and my notes, to review and deepen. (Re-listening to the session is powerful and highly recommended!)

While each session is unique to your needs, our 60-90 minute session will likely  follow this flow:

  • Be guided into a sacred space with grounding meditation and anointing with sacred oils.
  • Discuss your issue or question with time to engage/gather insights.
  • Experience some energy healing–the Magdalene Blessing.
  • Receive Divine guidance through an oracle card.
  • Receive some post-session actions to take to bring it fully into body.
  • Schedule follow up call to see how the process is unfolding for you.
  • Afterward, receive the recording and my notes from our session for you to absorb more fully.

Experience this 60-90 minute Magdalene Soul Clarity session virtually using Zoom or in person at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Let me know which you prefer.

While I’ve been doing this counseling and healing work for 20+ years, this combination of modalities is the most potent and comprehensive experience I offer.

“It was a magnificent and deeply healing/nourishing experience! Thank you, Claire!”  Paulette R., Bellingham WA

I was at a crossroads and felt that I was stuck, something was in the way, and I didn’t know which way I was supposed to go…  I was prompted to make an appointment with you, out of the blue. It was beautiful!  And I received the right message, which allowed me to be able to consider other possibilities.  I got exactly what I needed.” Mary Beth A., Hood River, OR

“Claire holds you with grace in the womb of the sacred Magdalene’s Love, gently guiding you to the answers which lie within… allowing a softening around your own unknowingness, to bring you clarity, kindness and peace about sticky spots in your life.”  Paula F., Healdsburg, CA

As an experiment, I’m offering it on a Pay from the Heart basis. The suggested price for this 60-90 minute session (plus 20 minute follow up session, notes and recording) is $222. The  lowest I  accept is $105–to cover my expenses and feel good in my heart.*

How Pay from the Heart works: After the session I send you a link to PayPal, and you choose how much you pay.

*If your finances are such that paying that much would mean forgoing food or shelter, then let’s talk. In the spirit of inclusivity and equity, I want this to be accessible and to feel good to us both.

You can also pay me in advance: PAYPAL.me/ClaireMagdalena

To reserve a Magdalene Soul Clarity Session email Claire or call/text 541.659.7284,  or book directly here. Be sure to mention Magdalene Soul Clarity Session in your meeting request.

Looking for something more??
Personal Day Retreats 

Embody Your Calling & Find Your Bliss

A full day rejuvenation/restart experience designed to end confusion, angst and despair. You ignite deeper connection to yourself and your divine guidance.

You’ll release core challenges blocking your soul alignment. Discover deeper clarity about next steps for a more authentic and expressed life that your heart desires.

You can read more HERE