Your Next Step: Spiritual Counseling with Claire Sierra

Having a hard time, sister? The past few years have brought challenges that have brought many to our knees. While things may look better on the outside, we sense that we’re in a chaotic time of uncertainty and instability.

If you’re struggling to make sense of your life, and find your path, I’m here to help. I can guide you to meet the challenges that are arising in your life: divorce, isolation, job change, family illness. I can help you navigate your stress, grief, sleeplessness, confusion, and loss.

You don’t have to do this alone–we’re not meant to.

An Alchemical Container Answering Your Heart’s Call for Support & Change

Access your direct connection to your innate Feminine Soul guidance. She’s calling you. Deep listening, compassionate intuitive inquiry and a profound space of presence create a powerful alchemical crucible for your soul’s expansion. I guide you to meet your innate Feminine Soul magic with processes and tools to navigate your rocky inner terrain.

Private virtual or in-person spiritual counseling sessions from a Divine Feminine perspective are available! It’s really quite expansive and liberating.

What Happens During Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching is a loving, powerful process that helps guide you through the mysteries and challenges from the deepest parts of yourself that are trying to get your attention.

In our sessions we’ll develop a sacred container for soul alchemy, using Arts Therapy, intuitive Spiritual Counseling, and cutting edge Energy Therapies (like Reiki & EFT/Tapping). I guide you to identify where your challenge is, and explore what’s needed, to create a clear intention for the life you’re called to live.

Using these practices will help you experience your life in more intimate and embodied ways.

As a Priestess, Expressive Arts Therapist, New Thought practitioner and Reiki Master I’m a seasoned specialist in the tending of the soul who walks with you on your own spiritual journey.

I’ll assist you to meet the painful things arising in your life, using the magic of the intuitive, imaginal, creative realm. You will access the healing power of your inner being, body wisdom and higher guidance, to meet your challenges and find what’s needing healing and renewal. You’ll discover ways to clear blocks, shift beliefs and awaken deeper power within.

I’ll guide you to find clarity, courage and confidence through an aligned connection with your Feminine Soul self. Discover the key to ease, grace, and flow.

Imagine the difference this could make in how you feel about your life!

In our sessions, you’ll learn skills and tools from The Magdalene Path, to access your innate inner Feminine Soul wisdom to generate the changes you’re longing for. Experience inner peace, calm, joy, and sleep through the night, without spending 5 years on the therapy couch.

With my extensive psychotherapy background using Expressive Arts Therapy, Body Centered (Somatic) Therapies, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, True Purpose Coaching and other professional certifications, my training and experience exceeds that of the typical coach. (But this is soul coaching, not psychotherapy! No diagnosis or pathology is necessary.)

Spiritual Counseling with me can assist you through the rough spots, usually in 10 sessions or less. On-going sessions support you to ease suffering, release old patterns, and support new patterns and ways of being in your life that works.

I suggest regular sessions for long term support, creating change that will last in all areas of your life. And sometimes one session is all you need.

Dive in and experience the shift into who you long to be.

Say Hello to Your Goddess Self!

Activate your Divine Feminine mystic, the priestess within, and embody who you really came here to be.

Your future self is waiting! It’s time to call her in.

Not sure this is right for you? Let’s discuss your situation in a brief 30 minute complimentary consultation call.

Here’s what other clients have shared:
“The thing that sets you apart in such an astonishing way, Claire, is that you have a deep, experiential background, years of study and practice in therapy & counseling (in private practice), in creative arts (as an artist), in esoteric arts (channeling Magdalene, reading oracle cards), and in life coaching (certifications). And, you’re an author…The way you bring together (with mastery) all the many, many Arts & Practices within your repertoire is magical.
Alchemy is often defined as the transmuting of base metals into gold. Or transmuting something common or of little value, into something special. And “any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new.”
The magic as a client, is alchemical in the way lives are transformed from superficial and disconnected, to deeply experienced and intuitively, divinely connected. Coaching. Counseling. Guidance. Advising. Healing. Your sessions are all of this. And more. Calling what you do “coaching” doesn’t do it justice. You are an alchemist.” – Paula T.
“You brought me back to myself, with much less anxiety. Because of your insight, wisdom and help this past year, I’m choosing to create something more, something better in the twilight of my life. Your counseling, which included my spiritual side (without dogma or required beliefs), was the key for me. The serendipity of finding you never stops being amazing.” – Tammy T.
“I was at a crossroads and felt stuck. Something was in the way, and didn’t know which way to go. I was prompted to make an appointment with you, out of the blue. You guided me to receive the right message, which led me to consider other possibilities. I got exactly what I needed. So beautiful! – Mary Beth A.

Logistics, Costs & Details

There are 2 ways we can meet: virtually via Zoom (amazingly effective.) OR…

In person at Spa Sanctuary at the award-winning, Balch Hotel in the Columbia River Gorge, outside of Portland, OR.

Meet at our historic, boutique retreat (near The Dalles) for a unique experience of privacy and rejuvenation unlike typical professional offices. Enjoy the day here or spend the night! (Lodging and meals not included.)

Not able to make the trip? Meeting virtually via Zoom is wonderful and deep.
ancient future woman with flowers


Single Session (60-75 minutes) $222

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3 Sessions $555
($185 each: SAVE $25)

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Got A Question About Your Options?

And sister, if your finances are such that paying this would mean foregoing food or shelter, then let’s talk. In the spirit of supporting diversity, inclusivity and equity, I want my work to be accessible and feel good to us both. Reach out.