Sister, I bet you’ve been immersed in the world of spirituality and consciousness for a while—and you feel the whispers of your soul calling you to deepen into your Feminine Soul and live that everyday.

The undeniable truth is that there’s a hunger in you for more, but it’s not happening like you hoped. Feeling frustrated at your efforts (all that personal growth work!) not bearing fruit. Exhaustion, overwhelm, angst and despair are perhaps part of the mix, too.

Yet you long for something deeper, the ancient/modern path of the Priestess. (whatever that means in today’s world!)
Reclaim and embody your Feminine power and magic, bring it front and center in your life. Access the hidden lineage women instinctively carry, yet have hidden from ourselves.

Unveil  and Live Your Inner Priestess, Every Day…

The Magdalene Path is a unique journey, inspired by the hidden mystery and archetypal power of Mary Magdalene – someone who’s so much more than we were told she was. (Whether you’re Christian or not, she’s relevant.)

In her time, Magdalene was known as a powerful leader—a teacher and healer. Often called “the Apostle to the Apostles,” she’s an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine missing in most world religions. She was revered in her day, yet her story was corrupted and defiled–removed and stolen from view.

She’s a goddess hiding in plain sight in the Christian gospels.

The message of Magdalene reveals the archetypal tale of the hidden, misunderstood, maligned, denied and forgotten Sacred Feminine (sound familiar?) Being revealed, reclaimed, empowered, and expressed….

As prophetess, priestess, and Feminine icon, Mary Magdalene activates a calling in women to soul sovereignty and embodied wholeness. A model and metaphor for women today!

She’s a portal to your creativity, sensuality, vitality, aliveness and more. Through her teachings, we regain our lost wholeness that we never knew we were missing.

Are you ready?

Stepping onto The Magdalene Path allows you to (finally) embody your Feminine Soul as priestess in your everyday life. BE who you really came here to be, rather than the person you’ve become for everyone else…

Working with the alchemical process activating the Magdalene priestess, the hidden power and buried magnificence in you becomes unveiled.

This 7-Module LIVE On Line Course is my signature group program, based on The Magdalene Path—the Divine download from Mary Magdalene to awaken the power and potential of women everywhere via Feminine Soul. It’s built on my 22+ years in the personal transformation/therapy world. (You can read more about me, here.)

Magdalene Path Program

Awaken Your Feminine Soul ~ Unveil Your Inner Priestess


Module One

Remember The Truth: Who She Was, Who You Are (And Where You’re Going)

Magdalene-faceStepping off the hard driving hamster wheel of struggling to make things happen isn’t easy. (If it were, you wouldn’t be here.) And yet, it is possible. Shift to Feminine Soul mode through archetypal teachings of Mary Magdalene.

In order to find and live your calling you need to know what is working—and take a hard look at what isn’t. Then see what’s yearning to come through you.

Explore the Magdalene Mysteries and the lost wisdom Magdalene points to. Discover new ways to awaken the inner priestess and weave it into daily life as you re-align with your Soul’s deeper desires.

In Module 1 you will:

  • Discover the untold hidden herstory of Mary Magdalene, a guide and leader who was so much more than we were taught she was.
  • Dive deep to clarify your vision and and connect with your YES.
  • Awaken hope and embrace bigger possibilities so you can crystallize a vision of what’s really possible for you.
  • Refurbish your weary connection with life gone awry, and return to your innate sense of connection & holiness.
  • Core principles and practices to stay connected to your Feminine Soul, that you can do in 5-10 minutes a day.


Module Two

Balance Your Inner Masculine & Feminine

As women in hyper-masculine cultures, we’ve been taught to adopt  man-mode to be successful and safe. But it disconnects us from our core radiance, vitality and innate feminine brilliance, so it exhausts, dis-empowers, and sickens us.

As our Feminine Soul awakens, we need to understand, honor and integrate the masculine. These skills don’t get tossed aside or shut down, but are valued as important for balance and wholeness. Bring clarity to the archetypal patterns that are unconscious.

As you understand and integrate your inner feminine and masculine, you’ll discover empowered choice and possibility, new space and freedom, using each more wisely.

In Module 2 you will:

  • Discover which masculine and feminine energies work for you and where/when they don’t.
  • See your old patterns in new ways. (You can only make changes when you understand what’s driving your disconnects.)
  • Explore the balancing act of Masculine/Feminine integration.
  • Discover ways to avoid going into man-mode automatically: shift out of default patterns and avoid overworking yourself.
  • Find your on/off switches to activate or reduce either.


Module Three

Embody Your Radiance & Nourish Your Feminine Soul  

Feel Sensuous, Juicy & Alive

Reconnect with the vastly untapped energy of your inner Divine Feminine. Explore the archetypal energy of Magdalene and her ways to access grace, ease & flow–so you feel energized, not depleted.

Translate the sensual, embodied essence of Magdalene into your life, authentically. Discover a different relationship with your body–as a source of wisdom, power and strength. Activate your Feminine Operating System, and release the exhausting struggle to “hold it all together and make it happen.”

Release unconscious cultural programming about visibility, desire, sensuality, and pleasure. Clear fears and limiting beliefs that have held you hostage. As you get aligned with your Feminine Wisdom, your passions become guideposts. Life flows from a deeper place that nourishes, inspires and sustains you, even in challenging times.

In this Module 3, you will:

  • Learn the access points of bliss and reactivate your sensual self.
  • Weave more joy & pleasure into your daily life–feel good in 10-15 minutes a day.
  • Activate your own radiance and vitality—make peace with your body, so you feel more alive and comfortable in your own skin. (You’ll look and feel younger, too.)
  • Shine your authentic essence: magnetize people and situations that are in alignment with your soul’s vision.
  • Explore tools to enjoy being in your own life and feel more connected to the natural world around you.
  • Stop hiding out and playing small—be seen for who you really are.


Module Four

Access Your Feminine Wisdom through Creativity

Awaken the creative magic of the Feminine–vastly under-actualized, undermined and misunderstood aspects which mainstream culture has repressed and denied in women for generations. When you express yourself from your Feminine Soul, you tap a wellspring that lives within you.

Explore simple, powerful artistic processes to reconnect with your creativity, so that your deeper wisdom emerges.

Once in your conscious awareness, you can create, contribute and express yourself from a deeply unique (and visible!) place. Start being seen and known for who you really are.

In Module 4 you will:

  • Discover creativity as a decision-making tool, when you feel confused or uncertain.
  • Build courage and confidence through creative expression—safely express your authentic voice.
  • Tap the deep artesian stream of Feminine Soul creativity for ideas and answers to pressing concerns.
  • Connecting with the magic of ease, grace and flow. Life starts to happen more simply and effortlessly.
  • Shine: be seen for who you really are, magnetizing people and situations that are in alignment with your soul’s vision.
  • Learn shortcuts to manage self-sabotage and artist’s blocks that limit creative expression.


Module Five

Release Old Patterns  and Empower Your Bigger Vision 

Magdalene was one of many women who’ve been grossly mislabeled, misrepresented, and misunderstood. We carry that memory of 5000 years of oppression as women. And with it, we’ve been disconnected from our true sources of wisdom, leadership and power we innately are.

With this backdrop we’ll explore and  understand why it’s hard to make changes,  Discover what keeps us from taking steps and making the changes we desire. We’ll look at why and how this happens (including some e.) And with Spiritual Psychology and brain science we’ll explore what to do, so the self-sabotage and frustration can end. Having tools to master this is crucial in sustaining real change in your life, so that new visions can become reality.

In Module 5 you will:

  • Learn how to move through emotions that have derailed you in the past.
  • Discover what’s driving patterns that keep you from making changes or moving in the direction you desire.
  • Learn simple tools to realign and reset yourself when you feel stuck or off-balance.
  • Move beyond the doubts and fears that take you out.
  • Anchor and empower new visions of your life.


Module Six

Access the Wisdom of Your Divine Guidance to Feel Aligned and Connected

Patriarchal religious and political systems have long disconnected women from embodied immanence and direct access to divinity. As Magdalene reveals what we lost with her presence and power as Apostle to the Apostles—priestess, leader and guide—was eliminated.

(Re)Connect with your inner guidance system: whether it’s the innate, wise, goddess within you, Mary Magdalene or other Divine guide. She knows exactly what you need.

Access your source of Divine Guidance clearly and tangibly so there’s no confusion. Discover new ways to make choices that flow from a deeper place in you. Stop over thinking and feel clear and confident in decision-making. (And notice less worry, fear and self-criticism about how things turn out.)

Empower your sovereign self as you embody the inner path of the priestess.

In Module 6 you will:

  • Release the heavy burden of feeling alone, and that you have to do it all yourself.
  • Make a connection to your spiritual guidance to steer your life (even at work.)
  • Access tools for creative decision-making that flow from your deeper wisdom, so you feel more confident and courageous about your next steps.
  • Relax into a greater sense of knowing that you are guided and cared for by a force larger than you.
  • Learn simple practices to clear inner blocks as they arise.


Module Seven

Priestess Your Life: Living, Loving & Leading from Feminine Soul

Deepen your connection to Divine Feminine & Masculine energies in the world.  And as your inner masculine/feminine re-balances, so do your outer relationships.

Unveil and celebrate the Magdalene Priestess in yourself–your unique way of embodiment in the world. Witness all the changes you’ve manifested, discovering new ideas and ways of being in your life!  We’ll identify your innate style and capacities as well as areas to develop. 

We’ll look at where you started as well as where you’re headed. Consider what’s next on your path. Weave it all together in a way that makes sense, so you integrate all you’ve experienced. 

In Module 7 you will:

  • Your access to passion, radiance, creativity and intuition is more present and tangible—not some far off dream or desire.
  • Access a deeper source of wisdom & guidance, so you feel less alone and more confident about where you’re going next.
  • Activate your personal priestess lineage with a personal ritual to open your next portal of initiation.
  • Deepen ways to switch your Feminine Operating System on, so you feel different to yourself (and others, too.)
  • Priestess your life as your daily routine: what keeps you aligned and balanced in your masculine and feminine centers.
  • Explore next steps, support structures and resources to keep your life moving in the new aligned direction.
  • Learn why things happen more easily and with less effort—as if at times by magic — so Life feels freer, easier, and more fun.


What You Can Expect From The Magdalene Path Program

When you step onto The Magdalene Path you’ve begun to honor and follow the call of your Feminine Soul and embody the path of priestess in your everyday life. There is a sense divine timing, your life happens more easily and with less effort, so things flow in the right way at just the right moment.)

By the end of the journey…

While I can’t promise results (a lot depends on you and your efforts) by the end you could expect to feel: reconnected to your Soul Guidance, Essence & Wisdom, through the teachings of Mary Magdalene. You’ll feel more aligned and alive as you lead from your Feminine Soul power. Radiant, sensuous, connected, intuitive, and creative. Like a Goddess, not Superwoman.

You’ll no longer be exhausted, depressed or anxious about your life feeling off-path. You’ll feel connected to the larger flow of your life and have a sense of trust how things are working out. And when life goes sideways, (yes, that will still happen) you’ll have the tools, skills and know what to do to get back into alignment.

Every woman’s path is different, so I can’t predict what will happen for you. But I do know that if you work through the process as mapped, you’ll have different views, skills and tools to be living from a different place within.

And you’ll connect with a community of women who are awakening the Divine Feminine in themselves, organically and authentically. Real sisters, with real struggles and real gems. No longer walking your path alone.

Tap into a new, aligned, feminine center that is organic and innate to you as a woman. It might feel foreign, yet familiar—there’s a sense of congruence and homecoming. And relief.

You’ll be priestessing your life, everyday: flowing with the forces in and around you with ease and grace. Your life can feel juicy, delicious and alive again.

Sister, will you join us?

Program Logistics and Details

How it works:

Sister, for years I’ve been seeing the need to turn The Magdalene Path into an on-line group program.

The Magdalene Path Program is a virtual class. I’ve taken the same learning modules that I offer in my 1:1 private program and crafted 7 class sessions that includes theory and history, with experiential activities that are spiritual and practical. Each week we’ll focus on one of the seven modules.

Since you are a dynamic, complicated woman, your evolving Feminine Soul doesn’t fit neatly into a simple system or a cookie cutter “one size fits all” solution.

But there is a path forward. Explore each module and experience activities and practices to deepen your learning in the session and in after-class soul care. Apply the tools and perspectives that fit your life and intentions for the course.

You’ll receive:

  • 7 LIVE Class Sessions of 75-90 minutes, with Claire Sierra.

  • 2 LIVE Deepening Calls: ritual, experiential practice, teaching and discussion to answer any questions.

Additionally you receive:

  • Priestess Practices: Home study activities offered each module to explore between sessions; deepen your learning and awaken the process in you outside the weekly class.

  • Private Facebook Group : Engage in community conversation, sharing, connection, questions, and support.

  • Priestess Pairs or Trios : Boost your learning and embodiment with your Priestess Pod for extra support through the class.

  • Replay Videos of each session delivered to your inbox. So if you miss a class, you participate via replay in your on speed/timing!


  • The Magdalene Path E-book: Downloads from Mary Magdalene and 24 practices for you to read along on the journey, or at your own pace.

  • The Magdalene Path Workbook PDF : 24 practices from The Magdalene Path, in one printable resource guide for you to refer to over and over. These tools are deep and powerful, to support your emerging Feminine Soul — often in 15 minutes or less!


This course is experienced virtually, from your personal temple at home or work–live via Zoom* or watching the replays.


Next Cohort BEgins Spring 2022–Check back for dates & times.

(Check your timezone here.)

Can’t make it live?

No worries, you can still participate. All classes will be recorded and available for replay.

Never used Zoom? it’s almost as good as being here in person. And it’s easy and free.

7 Session Live Course + Bonuses

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*NOTE* While Claire’s professional background and training are in Expressive Arts Therapy, this is coaching and not a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment. Please consult your provider if you are receiving treatment.