Ready for something life changing….?

Feminine Soul Clarity Session

Part oracle reading, soul purpose coaching, energy healing, body wisdom meditation, and sacred oil anointing–rooted in the ancient temples of the Divine Feminine & the Magdalene Mysteries.

This experience is for you if you’re navigating transition: facing challenges or big changes and looking to embody a more authentic version of yourself, rooted in the new Divine Feminine paradigm.

Done from the comfort of your home temple virtually, using Zoom, or in person at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon.

You’ll be guided to drop within, deeply tapping into a grounded, expanded experience of your own embodied divine wisdom. You’ll receive clarity about a niggling challenge or confounding question that keeps you from your highest expression and calling.

You’ll receive some nourishing solutions that align with your intention, in order to get back on track and moving forward again in a way that feels free and aligned.

I’ll share practices and processes to embody a deeper daily connection with Feminine Soul, to balance your inner masculine for walking through everyday life.

AND (bonus!) I’m including a 20 minute follow-up call after the session, to check-in and see how you’re doing.

PLUS you get the recording of the session, and my notes, to review and deepen. (Re-listening to the session is powerful and highly recommended!)

While each session is unique to your needs, our 60-90 minute session will likely follow this flow:

  • Be guided into a sacred space with grounding meditation and sacred oil anointing.
  • Discuss your issue or question with time to engage/gather insights.
  • Experience Reiki energy healing.
  • Receive Divine guidance through an oracle card.
  • Discover some post-session actions to take to bring it fully into body.
  • Schedule follow up call to see how the process is unfolding for you.
  • Review the recording and my notes from our session, afterward, for you to absorb more fully.

I’ve been doing this counseling, coaching and healing work for 30+ years, and this combination of modalities has been astonishing in it’s effect and impact.

“In receiving a Feminine Soul Clarity Session, I experienced a deep inner heart awareness of a tangled web in my body, which was blocking my creative abilities in moving forward with my soul’s work. Thank you dearly Claire for shining the Light where was most needed. I realized answers I needed,  receiving guidance I can take to heart.”  –Laila D., Oregon

“…a really profound experience that has shifted my energy in ways that have made my happiness and engagement in life possible. Not just “that was nice”—this work has really changed things. Really stellar and life-shifting, thank you! ”  –Carol V., Santa Rosa, CA

for  90 minute session: Reserve your session here.*

(Includes 20 minute follow up session, Claire’s notes and recording.)

$188 for 60 minute session: Reserve your session here.*

(Includes recording only.)

Experience your Feminine Soul Clarity session virtually using Zoom (free on-line conferencing) or in person at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. (Let us know which you prefer at time of booking.)

*We’ll send a link to schedule your session once our office receives notification (please allow 12-24 hours, weekdays.)

**If your finances are such that paying that much would mean foregoing food or shelter, then let’s talk. In the spirit of inclusivity and equity, I want this to be accessible and to feel good to us both.

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Be sure to mention Feminine Soul Clarity Session in your subject line or meeting request.

Can’t Decide Between Magdalene Blessing
or Feminine Soul Clarity Sessions?

ancient future woman with flowers

Magdalene Soul Alchemy

Bless yourself with the best of both experiences, alchemized into luscious 2 hour mega-session.

Imagine a fusion of intuitive soul coaching addressing your most pressing Feminine Soul challenges and initiations, AND a personal encounter with the essence of Mary Magdalene.

This deep dive experience weaves all the goodness of both Feminine Soul Clarity (above) and Magdalene Blessing sessions  synthesized into a rich healing melange.

Includes direct connection with and personal message from Magdalene, oracle card reading, sacred oil anointing, Magdalene Blessing energy transmission, soul coaching and more.

I was at a crossroads and felt that I was stuck, something was in the way, and I didn’t know which way I was supposed to go… I was prompted to make an appointment with you, out of the blue and it was beautiful! I received the right message, which allowed me to be able to consider other possibilities. I got exactly what I needed.”  Mary Beth A., Hood River, OR

$388 for 120 minutes. Reserve your session here.

*We’ll send a link to schedule your session once our office receives notification. (Please allow 12-24 hours, weekdays.)