Embodying Feminine Essence

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It was delightful contributing to this rich dialogue for women who want more out of life. I appreciate getting to speak to you, and hope you got as much out of it as I did. thanks for listening!

I’d love to offer you a gift (yes, free): an excerpt from The Magdalene Path, called Embodying Feminine Essence.”

In this delicious chapter you’ll learn about Beauty Power, with ways to turn up your light from within, so you can access authentic “Beauty from the Inside out”.

Learn to love and honor your body with “Cycle Awareness”. Embody bliss with the simple “Body Prayer” practice.  These are totally yummy practices you can work into your daily life, and feel the force of Feminine Essence rising up inside you, authentically.

This guidance from The Magdalene Path–sourced in timely wisdom with Mary Magdalene as your guide–offers new ideas that empower your core Feminine Essence. Meditations and practices are included to support you—so that you can flourish in this busy, complicated modern life.

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